`The Addams family` will turn into a musical

`The Addams family` will turn into a musicalIn the spring of 2010 at the Broadway premiere of the musical based on a famous comic strip the Addams family.According to The New York Times, the story of the future performances revolves around relationships Gomez and Morticia Addams, 18-year-old Wendi Addams, her young man and his parents.Already known to the participants of the project: Gomez Adams will play Nathan lane (Nathan Lane ("the Producers"), and his wife Morticia Bibi Newport (Bebe Neuwirth). The role of young heroes - Wendi and her friend will be performed by krysta Rodriguez (Krysta Rodriguez and Wesley Taylor (Wesley Taylor).Premiere runs of the musical "the Addams Family" will begin on March 4, 2010 and will premiere on April 8."The Addams family" was created by artist Charles Addams (1912 - 1988), publishing their satirical stories about the strange family of vampires in the New Yorker from 1938 until his death. Stories about the Addams repeatedly dramatized. Source: "the Addams Family" will turn into a musical. . . Читать полностью -->

Died a famous British writer James Ballard

Died a famous British writer James BallardAfter a long illness at the age of 78 on Sunday died one of the greatest modern writers of great Britain James Ballard.Born in Shanghai to the family of a British diplomat, he received the first known science fiction stories and novels are characterized by the paradoxical perception of reality. This was largely due to the fact that the writer was influenced by surrealism.But the real fame came to Ballard in 1984 after the publication of the novel "Empire of the sun". It is based on your own memories of the author about the content in Japanese captivity during the Second world war - Ballard was interned at the age of 12 and held in the camp for 3 years. In 1987, the famous American Director Steven Spielberg has put on "Empire of the sun" the same film.Despite a severe disease is prostate cancer, James Ballard until his last days working on autobiographical works, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Dead famous British writer James Ballard. . Читать полностью -->

Hollywood stars moonlighting in Striptease

Hollywood stars moonlighting in StripteaseEveryone experiences crisis on its own. Hollywood star, which has no place in more serious projects show business, helping out at the strip.The list of "fallen" stars recently joined the famous "spasatelnitsa Malibu Carmen Electra, whose career has stalled on a television reality show. Showing the world his personal life, Carmen decided not to stop and to show his impressive chest, RBC says.Elegant bust of a Hollywood star now in all its glory can be seen on stage in Las Vegas, once on the Crazy Horse Paris Show. Debut show of the burlesque show happened last week, and Carmen was pleasantly surprised the audience of fans, appearing in the final Topless. Reportedly, during the week Carmen will be performing in the show, dancing almost naked on high heels and in semi-transparent stockings. This will be followed by the premiere of the second show featuring Carmen, called the Chain Gang. Читать полностью -->

Mel b stripped in burlesque `peep show`

Mel b stripped in burlesque `peep show` 33-year-old star, former member of the group "the Spice girls, Melanie brown undressed in burlesque "peepshow". Multifaceted Melanie brown this time decided to do a Striptease.And this - whatever you say - the most elegant way to get rid of clothes.Mel appeared on the stage as the star of the show - peep-Diva.Premiere performances took place in Las Vegas.The creators of the show describe the heroine, Melanie, as "a bold, sexy woman is the symbol of female power". However, the star said that he is not going to go on stage Topless during performances.However, her stage outfit was even worse that could imagine the excited minds.According to friends and fans, Mel b looks better now than ever. 33-year-old mother of two daughters - a decade of Phoenix and two-year-old angel, - helps to maintain the shape and athletic exercises, and her passion for dancing. Chalk conquered America, having reached the final of the popular TV show "dancing with the stars"."To stay in shape, I exercise regularly," says former member of pop group "Spice girls". - And in the past eight years, the exercises in the program that I personally developed. Читать полностью -->

Kate moss lights up on the French Riviera

Kate moss lights up on the French Riviera Kate moss - lucky girl! - now rests in St Tropez in the company of her boyfriend Jamie Hines, designer Stefano Pilati and other friends-friends.The whole company fell on Board the yacht under the name of "serenity" (Hello captain Reynolds and the entire team of "Firefly"! - Irkhen), where he indulged in an increase of alcohol with alcohol, its decrease through ice cream, water treatment, and other"mild sensuality". Stefano, you see, decided to take pictures of girls Topless. Before pornography case, thank God, never came. And, incidentally... Source: Kate moss lights up on the French Riviera (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Kerry Pridgen deprived of the title of Miss California

Kerry Pridgen deprived of the title of Miss CaliforniaKerry Pridgen (Carrie Prejean) is no longer Miss California.Contestant of Miss USA, which represented the state and sadly became famous thanks to the answer to a question from a member of the jury - Perets Hilton, is about same sex marriage, deprived of the crown.A month later, after the owner of the Miss USA pageant, the famous media Mogul Donald trump (Donald Trump) decided that Kerry can continue to wear the crown first California beauty, "K2 Productions", which is the independent producer of the Miss California pageant, came to the conclusion that Pidgin should be demoted. The reason is the repeated violation of the terms of the contract. And in this case it is not in disagreement with the fact that gays and lesbians should have the right to marry."This decision is purely business in nature and is based on the violation of contractual obligations", said Keith Lewis (Keith Lewis), the head of "K2 Productions". His official letter with this statement was quoted by the TV channel "Fox News"."After our press conference in new York [when I first resolved the contentious issues associated with the possible deprivation of Pidgin crown] we had hoped to be able to figure out all the issues and to establish normal working relations. But over time it became clear that Kerry is not going to perform terms of the contract and to cooperate with us.". . Читать полностью -->