Angelina Jolie is the dream of all the lesbians of the world

Angelina Jolie is the dream of all the lesbians of the worldAngelina Jolie named "dream lesbians around the world", taking first place in the ranking of the TOP 20 most attractive lesbian Hollywood stars.In the survey participated 2.600 lesbians. Most of them voted for Jolie."Angelina was a clear winner," said the organizer of the survey.34-year-old Jolie, mother of six children, walked in the rating of such beauties like Madonna, Pink and Martina Navratilova. Source: Angelina Jolie - the dream of all the lesbians of the world. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone was photographed for the magazine `Elle`

Sharon stone was photographed for the magazine `Elle` The famous Hollywood actress Sharon stone loves to show my body in different magazines.Source: Sharon stone photographed for Elle magazine (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Keira Knightley revealed her sexuality

Keira Knightley revealed her sexuality Although the actress keira Knightley has repeatedly stated that it does not like nudity, from time to time candid photoshoot with her participation appear on the pages of various publications.Kira has the gift of reincarnation, which allows her to transform from a modest girl in sexy beauty. Source: keira Knightley has revealed her sexuality (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Patrick Swayze continues to fight for his life

Patrick Swayze continues to fight for his lifePatrick Swayze is still fighting for his life. He was recently photographed leaving a doctor's office in Los Angeles. Looked like the actor doesn't matter, the whole WAN, what prompted all to the idea that the disease still prevailed.Magazine the National Enquirer by posting these photos, generally called the article "the End." A year has passed since then, as it became known that Patrick Swayze diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. He was given 6-12 months of life, but despite this, Patrick has appeared in public and has even starred in the TV series. I hope that the title of the National Enquirer - it's just an advertising ploy. Source: Patrick Swayze continues to fight for his life. Читать полностью -->

Secret past of Robert Pattinson

Secret past of Robert Pattinson The idol of tilateral Robert Pattinson at the time, was photographed in a slightly unusual way. It was the occasion for a short interview with Interview magazine. Most of the conversation concerned the past.In particular, Rob noticed that his very sabovic the fact that more recently, on the streets he was greeted with cries of "Look, this is Cedric Diggory" (hero of Pattinson from Harry Potter books), and now he hears a scream: "That's Edward Cullen".Said Pattinson and about the first years of his acting career when he did not live in the most prestigious area of London with his friend Tom Sturridge. According to Rob, most of the year they have done is just used to get drunk every night.However, the booze was gone, as soon as Robert Pattinson began to get roles in movies.Robert said and the work model. He did this at age 12-15 years. At that time he was high, but otherwise looked like a girl, and this texture was then in fashion.Although, looking at pictures of little Robert, his resemblance to the girl will not say. Читать полностью -->

Brazilian coach of CSKA robbed in Moscow

Brazilian coach of CSKA robbed in MoscowIn Moscow the victim apartment thieves was a Brazilian coach of CSKA Moscow football club. Apartment Paula Cesar Paixao, unknown robbed during the absence of a specialist on match of the championship of Russia in Kazan, CSKA met with "ruby".Returning to the capital after an away victory over "the ruby" with the account 2:1, the coach of the army physical training found that his apartment in the North-West "cleaned". The specialist contacted the police.From the apartment of the citizen of Brazil were the stolen laptop and money. "Around 23:00 in a call center turned 59-year-old Paula Cesar Paixao, who reported that the apartment near the Bednogo's street, plots kidnapped, picking up the keys to the front door, notebook, € 800, $ 700 and 1100 BRL", informs Interfax with reference to law enforcement agencies.Total damages amounted to about 100 thousand rubles. On this fact criminal case is brought, investigation is made. To catch the thief in hot pursuit as yet. Читать полностью -->

Pictures from the set of `new Moon`

Pictures from the set of `new Moon` Another batch of photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from the set of "new Moon".On Thursday, Kristen was the 19th birthday, which she celebrated in a restaurant with Nicky reed, by Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and his friend Sam, Jackson Rathbone., who had made a Mohawk on his head.The first went Lautner. It is interesting to others. At the end of the evening, Kristen and Jackson left together while the rest of us went home by taxi. Source: Photos from the set of "new Moon" (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Rabbit Roger will give new life

Rabbit Roger will give new lifeThe iconic picture of the 80's "Who framed Roger rabbit" may get a sequel or a remake.Director Robert Zemeckis, having played enough with the new technologies came to the conclusion that they went far enough to try again display eared hero."I'll tell you that I have playing in my head now, when we have such opportunities, computer technologies, digitized live actors: I'm starting to think about the "Roger Rabbit" - quoted by "Rosbalt", the words Zemeckis. However, he declined to give any details of the project.Comedy "Who framed Roger rabbit" was released in 1988 and earned in world hire huge amount of 330 million dollars. But it was not the most important thing. "Roger rabbit" was a breakthrough in the film industry. Painting, combining elements of Comedy, fantasy and Noir was one of the first movies where live actors and animated characters have acted together with each other.The possibility of another movie about Roger rabbit was discussed with the 80-ies. The film could be removed Terry Gilliam, and on the role of detective Eddie Valiant consider Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson and ed Harris. Читать полностью -->

Laysan utiasheva married accordionist Peter Dranga

Laysan utiasheva married accordionist Peter DrangaAthlete, TV presenter and beauty Laysan utiasheva, which not so long ago stated that it is not ready for family life, ready to go to the registry office.As it became known L!, six-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics falls prey to the charms of the Bay of Petit Grange.RelationshipFor a long time utiasheva kept the name of their partner secret. But, after the feelings have passed the test of time, Laysan admitted - the case goes to the wedding.- Peter propose to me every day, " answers one of the most beautiful sportswomen in the country. - The exact date I don't want to say you can jinx - it's my nature. I'm the kind of person that can buck and myself to ruin it.And to spoil something: today, the relationship between Laysan and Peter is like a fairy tale.- He surrounds her with such care, what I did not expect from myself seems to be himself - to laugh with friends seductive accordionist. Peter has changed beyond recognition and has become a real strong man not just a boy.But six months ago utiasheva convinced that they are not ready to be ringed.- I am too young! - she said confidently. - For every relationship needs time. Читать полностью -->

Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelage

Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelageOne of the most notorious contestants on the show "Two stars" Andrey Chernyshov proved that he becomes the new sex symbol of Russian cinema.At the presentation of the new video Presnyakov Podolsky and the actor has managed the impossible: to make the session flirting with the singer Pelageya. First, the joke went, that she's only interested in Russian folk art.FlirtingBarely crossed the threshold of the restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Andrew immediately appeared in the center of female attention of many guests of the restaurant, but only Pelageya fell hard on the soul. Serial character immediately sat down at the table of the singer, where did not get up until the end of the evening, which would be called the middle of the night- I am pleased with it, " argued his cheerful mood and hours of presence at the table artist actor.Itself Pelageya, apparently, was also not against the attention handsome with high cheekbones and was frankly to him is something put a hand on his shoulder, then drink wine with him.The ownersNot less happy were the heroes of the day Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov. The latter forced the guests to sing the Russian national anthem.- Stand up and start singing, like an orator in ancient Rome, was broadcast from the stage of the singer.After the speech the actor and his future wife Natasha, guests indulged in a couple of hours of fun that did not end until, until ended with alcohol. Source: Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelage. . Читать полностью -->

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