Between Bilan and the group Roxette scandal

Between Bilan and the group Roxette scandalScandal between the winner of the contest "Eurovision-2008" and the members of the legendary band Roxette broke out in Latvia, where the annual festival "New wave".After his speech in Jurmala and parties in the restaurant, Dima decided to continue the "party" in the room of one of the hotels of Riga, where he stopped for a time in the Baltic States. Coincidentally, it was in this hotel in next door to the singer's room stopped the musicians of the Swedish band Roxette.While Bilan rapidly decided to continue their evening, Roxette already slept literally behind the wall. Dima turned on at full power is one of the music channels, resulting in the Wake of the soloists of the group.Angry neighbors sent my assistant to see what was going on, not knowing that in the next room "hooligans" of their Russian colleague.Assistant to reach Bilan failed, and the musicians decided to call the police. Only half an hour later when the door Bilan already demanding pounded representatives of law enforcement agencies, the singer turned it off, reports the newspaper "Arguments and facts"."Of course, uncomfortable situation, but I got used to the fact that in hotels, if there is a limit on the sound, it's impossible to make louder after a certain time, - said Dima. Initially, I didn't hear what someone rushes in my room. And hearing, thought, well, you never know that someone is at the door and continued to watch the music channel. Читать полностью -->

Denise Richards sunbathing Topless

Denise Richards sunbathing Topless Stunning Denise - mom with two young daughters, five-year-old Sam and four-year-old Lola rose. With the girls ' father, actor Charlie sheen and Richards divorced three years ago.The separation of the star couple was quite noisy, Charlie had called Denise "unemployed and untalented pig", and she responded by accusing him of partiality to underage girls.Now Denise Richards 37, although mean she will not give more than 25 years.Looks like former "bond girl" perfectly. Sometimes, though, God knows why and enlists the aid of plastic surgeons. For example, for the first time Denise turned to him in 19 (!) years. She decided to increase the breast size by half."I was 19 years old, and my whole room was hung with posters of women with the best busts in the world. I was flat as a Board. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson will be buried without a brain

Michael Jackson will be buried without a brainThe body of Jackson will be buried without brain. Currently, pathologists conduct chemical analysis of the brain of the singer in order to establish the cause of his death.Work is expected to last another two weeks. As a result, the family idol of millions decided not to wait until the end of July, and to bury the body without a brain.The funeral of Michael Jackson will take place next Tuesday morning. He will be interred in the cemetery of Forest Lawn Memorial Parks in the town of Glendale, North of Los Angeles. The ceremony will be family-oriented.At the cemetery, known as "Hollywood" buried such legends of modern cinema, as Walter Disney, Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable. Here also is the grave of the grandmother of Michael Jackson - Martha bridges, specify "Вести.Ru".Meanwhile, Madonna paid tribute to one of the greatest artists who ever knew the world, and included in his London concert special number in memory of the deceased "king of pop".The night before the singer began in the British capital a new series of concerts as part of the tour Sticky and Sweet, notes RIA Novosti. Читать полностью -->

Bully played with Pugacheva cruel joke

Bully played with Pugacheva cruel jokeThe bully tried to disrupt the final Banquet of the musical contest "New wave" in Latvia.Without PE in the competition still has not done. Guests who rushed among the first to the festive table on the occasion of the closing of the "New wave", for some time kept on the street in front of the entrance to the restaurant.The night of the Banquet the police got an anonymous call reported that the restaurant is a bomb. Fortunately, the police carefully searched with the dogs room, did not find anything suspicious, and the party was held.Apparently, it was someone's bad joke. Oddly enough, visitors of the closure of the "New wave" felt that this incident has any relation to the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. "Probably some fan Pugacheva distinguished" - thought they aloud about the incident.The prima Donna of the party complained of a headache. By assumption the singer, she was tired, because I am very worried for aspiring singers. Читать полностью -->

Heidi Klum stressed its eroticism mud

Heidi Klum stressed its eroticism mud The supermodel poses for photographer Russell James, who has included these pictures in the book called by his name.Heidi ended up rolling around in the sand and the waves to look even more erotic than during normal photo shoots. Source: Heidi Klum stressed its eroticism mud (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Reveals the secrets of the fourth part of `resident evil`

Reveals the secrets of the fourth part of `resident evil`New information about the plot of the fourth part of the movie "Resident evil" and its filming.So, it was officially announced that the shooting of the fourth "resident evil" will begin in September 2009 in Toronto, and the film will be released next year.In the new film the main character Alice, which again will play Milla Jovovich, will fight with the infected zombies are not the only one: it will help an army of cloned Alice, formed at the end of "resident evil-3".The action will then move to Alaska (Alaska will be shot in Toronto) and in Tokyo.The writer of the fourth part was made by Paul Anderson, the Director's name is not yet known.As previously reported, the fourth "Resident evil" will be called "Resident Evil: Afterlife". Date of the premiere is scheduled for September 17, 2010. Source: secrets Revealed the fourth part of the "resident evil"". . . . Читать полностью -->

The Obama's dog biting the inhabitants of the White house

The Obama's dog biting the inhabitants of the White houseThe world's press, which closely follows obzyvayetsya in the White house family of Barack Obama, yesterday managed to obtain important information about the habits of the dog Bo, appeared at the White house last weekend.According to the first lady, the dog gives her and her family a lot of trouble.On Thursday at the residence of the President of the United States held a special event in which all employees of the White house took on the work of their children. Just the white house that day were about 100 children with them and met the first lady. Most of the questions raised at the meeting concerned, of course, dog Bo, the circumstances of the appearance of which in the family of Obama's press paid a lot of attention.As recognized by Michelle Obama, Bo - crazy dog receiving a special treat from "chewing the feet" of the inhabitants of the White house. In addition, a six-month puppy requires constant attention. According to the first lady on Wednesday evening asleep presidential family was woken up by barking and a loud noise. When they reached the room in which there was scuffling, households found that Bo just decided to play with a ball.The culprit of all this mess, thanks to the media, there is a huge amount of information. Читать полностью -->

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