Kirkorov was caught on an intimate correspondence

Kirkorov was caught on an intimate correspondenceThe scandal of the month in the Russian show business. "Your DAY" publishes personal notes from the diary of the king of pop.Scandalous the Internet-correspondence of Philip Kirkorov, who "resigned" from his personal laptop in the nation, can land his former employees behind bars."Your DAY" became known, what exactly was so furious pop king, upon learning that his personal password hacked social network.Girls had access to the office, and personal computer singer. Together in a group, they have committed a burglary, unlawful possession of a database to discredit, blackmail and extortion, - said "TD" Tatiana Akimseu, attorney Philip Kirkorov.MysteryKirkorov has always been something to hide from prying eyes: the brighter the star, the greater its secrets, and the more enterprising enemies. In Moscow arrested two former employees of an artist who was on duty on several occasions at his home: a 32-year-old Nina Yurova and 31-year-old Faith Japoncev. The Tver court on Wednesday agreed with the arguments of the investigation and arrested the girls.The scandal is gaining momentum with each passing hour, can really be overdone. In a statement released e-mail correspondence, about which Philip would like to say: "Not mine!", are flattering, and not statements about the closest friends Kirkorov. Читать полностью -->

Russian family will receive children's `Oscar`

Russian family will receive children's `Oscar`Sunday evening March 29 in Los Angeles will host the 30th anniversary ceremony of delivery of film awards Young Artist Awards.One of the award statuettes, called the children's "Oscar", will get originating from Russia - acrobatic Duo The Kalinins, Michael and Ivan Kalinin.Distribution of prizes Young Artist Awards thirty years of its existence has established itself as a springboard from which young talents take the start in illuminated glory adult life on the big screen. Golden man, holding in his hands raised five-pointed star, left the stage, Michael Jackson, Diane lane, drew Barrymore, Alicia Milano, Winona Ryder, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Christina Ricci, Macaulay Culkin, Adajja wood, Reese Witherspoon, Haley Joel Osment, Lindsey Gohan. Some of them in the future was waiting for scandals (Lindsay Lohan), someone-the death of a friend (the name Mary-Kate Olsen was involved in the circumstances surrounding the death of Heath Ledger), someone samplesno "Oscar" (Reese Witherspoon), someone-oblivion (Macaulay Culkin). However, at the time of receiving the award, each of them was elected.This year on the red carpet of baby Oscar will step has already managed to catch fire on the Hollywood firmament stars - Freddie Chimur ("Charlie and the chocolate factory", "Magic country"), Abigail Breslin ("Little miss sunshine"), kids troopers from "the Chronicles of Narnia, and the world-famous Indian "the sandpit generals" ("Slumdog Millionaire").The latter, as already mentioned acrobatic Duo The Kalinins, don't have to languish in anticipation of opening the envelope with the name of the winner - their names are spelled out in individual categories. Thus, the most famous children of India will issue the statuette in the category "Outstanding ensemble cast in a foreign film". The father and the son Kalinin drawn a prize in the nomination "Outstanding family show".Michael and Ivan Kalinin are on the beaches of California. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev was the winner of the `Eurovision`

Pugachev was the winner of the `Eurovision`In Kiev there was a party on the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva.The event, which was held in the framework of the farewell tour of the prima Donna of the Russian stage, was attended by the Ukrainian winner of the qualifying round of "Eurovision-2009" Svetlana Loboda.Specifically for the Alla Svetlana sang the smash hit "Candle" from the repertoire of the birthday girl, and also gave the Diva a huge bouquet of roses. After that, Loboda sang another song - "Be my Valentine", which will participate in the European competition this year."I think I know now which country will host Eurovision next year," commented her statement Pugachev.Ukrainian singer was quick to see in these words a hint of his victory: "I am very pleased to hear that it is of Alla, because I grew up listening to her songs. Remember using a Hairdryer instead of the microphone, when it was drying his hair, sang to him songs of Alla Borisovna". . . . Читать полностью -->

In France died a famous furniture designer Pierre Paulin

In France died a famous furniture designer Pierre PaulinIn the South-East of France, in Montpellier, on 82-m to year of life died a famous French designer Pierre Paulin, famous for his chairs and chairs extravagant forms, which enjoyed success with the French presidents,Bright chairs Sticks have become true classics of modern furniture design. They cannot be confused with the works of other artists, and they rightfully take pride of place in the museums of London, Paris, new York and other cities in the world. In the history of design became chair "Mushrooms", created by the master. Until his death he continued to work, taking orders and creating unique furniture.French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his condolences to the family on the passing of Pierre Paulin, calling him the man who transformed the design into art. "Pierre Paulin discovered that beauty is everywhere: from the interior of the presidential Palace to the things surrounding the millions of people in their daily lives," reads the telegram from the Elysee Palace.According to relatives of the designer, the logs will be cremated Tuesday in Nimes, in southern France.Pierre Paulin was born in Paris in 1927. Furniture design, he studied in a private school Camondo. Читать полностью -->

Iggy Pop writes Christmas punk album

Iggy Pop writes Christmas punk albumThe leader of The Stooges Iggy Pop is planning to record an album of classic Christmas songs in punk-processing, reports ContactMusic. As soon as the musician will enter the Studio to begin recording a holiday album, is still unknown.Iggy Pop said that he had long planned to write such a disk. He said that one of the songs that will be included in Christmas punk release will be a cover version of the classic hit "White Christmas". This song in 1940 wrote an American composer Irving Berlin, and later "White Christmas" became one of the most popular Christmas songs.Many musicians have recorded their own versions of this song - a cover of "White Christmas" appeared in the repertoire of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Lara Fabian, al green, Boney M, The Beach Boys, Helloween, Ringo Starr, Die Toten Hosen, Billy idol and Elton John, Katy Perry, Girls Aloud, Bright Eyes and other pop and rock artists.Meanwhile, in the next few days will release a new album Iggy Pop Preliminaires". According to the musician, to the recording of this album was inspired by French literature and the new Orleans jazz. The CD will be on sale may 18 and will become the 15th solo work in the discography the Stooges frontman. Читать полностью -->

Star `Inhabited island` undressed for `Maxim`

Star `Inhabited island` undressed for `Maxim` Actress and model Yuliya Snigir, familiar to many for his role as heroic Rada Gaal in the sensational blockbuster of Fedor Bondarchuk's Inhabited island, took part in a candid photoshoot for the magazine "Maxim".Learn Julia in a new unusual way of bold, sophisticated and liberated girls is not easy. Apparently, the young actress loves to experiment with her appearance and is willing to do anything to surprise their fans. Source: Star "Inhabited island" strips for Maxim (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Kuchinskii brought to tears Friske

Kuchinskii brought to tears FriskeZhanna Friske - beautiful, desired by many men, woman, popular and sought after singer. She has apartments, cars, fame, money, but there is only love and child.As it turned out, for the singer it is far more important than mere wealth.35-year-old Jeanne still not met the right one, for the sake of which temporarily or permanently will be able to retire and devote himself to his family. She wants to have a baby, but on the horizon will not see a worthy companion.In a recent interview with "MK V Pitere" Otar Kuchinskii spoke about his conversation with Joan: "Joan had lunch the other day. She really wants a child. It's many years old, and I think she is unhappy, " he says. When I began to talk about his seventh heir, she suddenly turned away and wept. Читать полностью -->

Russian Director received the prize in the Czech Republic

Russian Director received the prize in the Czech RepublicRussian Director left the 44th international film festival in Karlovy vary Czech with a Crystal globe.The prize is one of the most famous film festivals in Europe was awarded to Andrei Khrzhanovsky, for the painting "room and a Half, or a sentimental journey to the homeland".This story appeared in the "East of West" in which competing picture "one field" - representatives of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.The winner of the festival was the film of the Belgian-canadian production - "angel of the sea" directed by frГ©dГ©ric Dumont. Played in this film Olivier Gourmet received the "Crystal globe" in the category "Best male role" is true, not alone, but in company with Paul, Giamatti, its part of the rewards earned by playing the movie "Frozen soul". The reward for the female role is entirely left to the actress Paprika Steen from Denmark, who represented the film "Applause".Another picture of the main competition was awarded with a special prize - this award jury noted Iranian film "Twenty" directed Abdolreza Kahani. Best Director announced Andreas Dresen, podkupili judges work with the title "Whisky with vodka".The show in Karlovy vary this year was visited by the stars of the highest rank. So, honorable prizes for outstanding contribution to world cinema went to actor John Malkovich and okosinova in may at the 62nd Cannes film festival actress Isabelle Huppert. Another prize went to the young man from Hollywood "at the light" in Karlovy vary, actor and Director Antonio Banderas. Читать полностью -->

The soloist Depeche Mode had a tumor removed

The soloist Depeche Mode had a tumor removedThe lead singer of the band Depeche Mode David Gahan has removed a malignant tumor of the bladder.Surgery to remove the tumor was successful, and now the musician is on the mend. Concert activity of the group is suspended until June 8 - rescheduled concert in London cancelled a performance in the Netherlands, there have been changes in the graphs show in Germany.Recall that the may 12 concert in Athens, which attracted about 20 thousand spectators, was cancelled because of an attack of gastroenteritis that occurred at the Gahan right before going on stage. The organizers told reporters that the Gahan lost consciousness in the dressing room, after which arrived the ambulance took him to the hospital.As reported on the official website of the group, it became clear later that it comes to a cancerous tumor of low grade malignancy.It is known that David Gahan in the past had serious health problems because of addiction to drugs. So, in 1996 heroin overdose almost cost him his life.The band Depeche Mode is one of the most prominent representatives of the "new wave" as well as styles of synth-pop and post-punk. The band was formed in 1980, released 12 Studio albums, and the number of sold it records exceeded 70 million. Depeche Mode is one of the most successful and long-lived groups of the world, the group are very popular in Russia, where they came three times on tour.David Gahan is the main singer in the band since its inception. Читать полностью -->

`The Addams family` will turn into a musical

`The Addams family` will turn into a musicalIn the spring of 2010 at the Broadway premiere of the musical based on a famous comic strip the Addams family.According to The New York Times, the story of the future performances revolves around relationships Gomez and Morticia Addams, 18-year-old Wendi Addams, her young man and his parents.Already known to the participants of the project: Gomez Adams will play Nathan lane (Nathan Lane ("the Producers"), and his wife Morticia Bibi Newport (Bebe Neuwirth). The role of young heroes - Wendi and her friend will be performed by krysta Rodriguez (Krysta Rodriguez and Wesley Taylor (Wesley Taylor).Premiere runs of the musical "the Addams Family" will begin on March 4, 2010 and will premiere on April 8."The Addams family" was created by artist Charles Addams (1912 - 1988), publishing their satirical stories about the strange family of vampires in the New Yorker from 1938 until his death. Stories about the Addams repeatedly dramatized. Source: "the Addams Family" will turn into a musical. . . Читать полностью -->

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