Khabensky sheltered Mikhail Porechenkov

Khabensky sheltered Mikhail PorechenkovAs you know, some time ago popular actor moved from America to his son Vanya and mother-in-law.Constantine managed to insist that their child spent more time at home and was baptized according to the Orthodox tradition. However, before Khabensky, another problem arose - the housing problem.Treatment late wife at a cost of Constantine in a round sum, and, despite the help of friends, Constantine was in serious financial difficulty. Not even the incredible amount of work was shouldered by the actor. Considering all pros and cons, Knightley was forced to admit that the apartment is on the shaft of Hospital, where all this time was inhabited by the artist, now he can not afford.Fortunately, help came again friends. Or rather, one of the oldest friends Khabensky - Mikhail Porechenkov. Knowing what a difficult position was his colleague, Michael immediately offered Constantine together with his family to live in his country house. Читать полностью -->

Hope Granovskaya again, leaving `VIA gra`

Hope Granovskaya again, leaving `VIA gra`Old new soloist of group "VIA Gra" Nadezhda Granovskaya, which returned to the group just five months ago, again leaving the project.After leaving the group four years ago, the singer got into a trap producer - she decided on a comeback to reclaim their $ 400,000: Dmitry Kostyuk and Konstantin Meladze promised Nade to pay old debt. As it became known "Z", after nearly six months Granovskaya realized that money can not see it - the crisis, unfortunately, has not turned her superiors in wizards.- Nadia hoped that he would be able to return the money, no matter how it was like the absurd, said "Z" close friend Granovskaya. - Many of our friends experiment immediately seemed too hasty. Nadia hurried and now left with nothing.The artist who managed to pull in the new video "VIA gra" for the song "Antigas" and returned to my most popular project by Konstantin Meladze former popularity, again out of the game. Replacing the languid brunette country are preparing to autumn.CheatingRecall, the problems in the team with Nadia began just two months after returning. Appearing in the group in January, the spring Granovskaya was still working on the rights of the Intern. Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr engaged

Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr engagedThe source reports that there were photos where the Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr on the ring finger ring sparkles. All at once suggested that Orlando bloom has made his sweetheart offer.In addition, when reporters turned to the pair behind the comments, they do not have anything to deny, but to confirm, too."I know about those photos. However, to comment on anything I will not", - said the representative of Miranda. The representative of the actor fails to communicate. What is known: the 26-year-old Kerr came from 32-year-old bloom in Cannes for just one night and immediately returned to new York for the shooting - proluchaetsya that Bull made her an offer in France. Source: Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr engaged. Читать полностью -->

Madonna hides relationship with Jesus

Madonna hides relationship with JesusYesterday Madonna and Jesus Luz were again seen together at new York restaurant Morandi. The school they left separately, but in a few minutes met Madonna in the car.Looks like these two really want to keep their relationship secret. Perhaps they originally intended this to ease the pop star's adoption of Malawian girls.Earlier they were seen in the center of Kabbalah, but joint shots at the paparazzi do not work. Source: Madonna hides relationship with Jesus. . . Читать полностью -->

The shocking truth about the life of Michael Jackson

The shocking truth about the life of Michael JacksonGrace Rwaramba, 42-year-old native of Rwanda, worked as a nanny in the family of Michael Jackson for over 10 years.She left the star's house in December 2008. This woman raised three of his children - 12-year-old Prince Michael, 11-year-old Paris and 7-year-old Prince Michael II.Grace claims that she was fired because she was getting closer and closer to the children's pop idol. "I raised those kids from the very first day of their lives. These are my kids" - not hiding emotions says heartbroken Geis, adding that Jackson later and again asked her to return, as she was unable to care for themselves and their children. When the singer died, she was in London, but on the eve of one of the brothers of the deceased artist asked her to fly to Los Angeles to in these tragic days to be with children as they are very hard to tolerate the death of his father.According to grace, the last time the singer was addicted to pain medication. All this occurred against the backdrop of financial problems and a kind of child-rearing practices. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous Latin American writer

Died a famous Latin American writerIn Uruguay on 89-m to year of life died a famous Latin American writer Mario Benedetti.He died in the night on may 18 at his home in the capital Montevideo. After his wife's death in 2006, the writer was sick a lot. Only in the last year of life Benedetti four times was hospitalized. Most recently, on may 6, he was discharged from the hospital. According to family members and friends, Benedetti felt good and kept the clarity of thought.According to the Minister of culture of Uruguay Maria Simon, died a prominent figure in literature, but "it seems to me that we should not talk about the loss, because he will stay with us forever.". . Читать полностью -->

Sarkozy is expecting the birth of first child

Sarkozy is expecting the birth of first childFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy waits for the happy event. The long-awaited child was born in the family of the President's son, 22-year-old Jean Sarkozy, who on 10 September 2008, he married 23-year-old law student Jessica Sebaoun.This information was reported by a relative of the President of the French publication Le Figaro. Thus, after a few months, 54-year-old head of state will become a grandfather.The appearance of the child is expected in late 2009 or early 2010. Jean and Jessica met while studying at the Lyceum. Pair to the birth of the firstborn equips apartment in Neuilly, a town located a few steps from Paris. Spouse of Jean Sarkozy is the successor owners of the largest French network of home appliances Darty.Currently the President's son and his wife are on holiday in St Tropez. Читать полностью -->

The Empress Cleopatra was African blood

The Empress Cleopatra was African bloodIn the veins of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who was famous for, according to legend, its extraordinary beauty, may have African blood flowing, the creators of the documentary bi-Bi-si.Previously it was thought that the Queen, who was the daughter of the ruler of Egypt from the Ptolemaic dynasty and the actual wife of the Roman General Mark Antony, had Greek roots.However, recently in the Turkish city of Ephesus was discovered the tomb of the sister of Cleopatra - Arsinoe.Analysis of the remains suggests that her mother was an African woman: in favor of this show features of its skeleton. It is assumed that his mother Cleopatra was a concubine.Sister and rivalThe tomb of the sister of Cleopatra found an employee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences the Khilko Tour. He noted that "not every archaeologist is possible to discover a tomb containing the remains of one of the members of the Ptolemaic dynasty"."The fact that the mother of Arsinoe had an African woman, is a real sensation, which makes for a fresh look at family and Cleopatra at the relationship between two sisters: Cleopatra and Arsinoe" he said.This is also evidenced by the archaeologist and presenter of the documentary Neil Oliver."Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, mark Antony - they are all iconic historical figures. It is almost impossible to imagine that they were real people, not mythical characters as they are presented in a 1963 film "Cleopatra" actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor," said he."When I'm in the lab looked at the bones of sister Cleopatra, suddenly realized that in her life she has been in contact with Cleopatra, and, possibly, with Julius Caesar and mark Antony. I just have hair on my head stood on end, " admits Oliver. Suddenly these famous historical figures were people of flesh and blood.". Читать полностью -->

`Eclipse` will remove the Spanish Director

`Eclipse` will remove the Spanish DirectorStudio Summit sprang a surprise by entrusting shooting "Eclipse" the young Spaniard Juan Antonio Bayon.The past few days the rumor was seated in the Director's chair the triquel "Twilight Saga" drew Barrymore, Paul Waza - brother Chris WACA, removing at the moment the sequel "new Moon." "Eclipse" is not the first Hollywood contract Juan Antonio: before he signed on for directing the horror Hater who produces all the same del Toro (along with mark Johnson). Bayona will begin work on "Eclipse" after over shooting "new Moon", reports of "new Moon" is scheduled on 20 November, the release of "Eclipse" is scheduled for 30 June 2010. Source: "Eclipse" will remove Spanish film Director. . . . Читать полностью -->

The first pictures from the wedding of Alyssa Milano

The first pictures from the wedding of Alyssa Milano Last Saturday, star of TV series "Charmed" Alyssa Milano married her boyfriend, Hollywood agent David Bugliari. And in tomorrow's issue of People magazine will be published wedding photos of the actress and her husband.So far, we offer you to look at the first photo of the happy couple after the marriage ceremony, which will decorate the cover of the issue.The couple married in new Jersey, the estate of the family of David."We wanted to, judging by the design of our wedding, it was clear that we were a couple," says 36-year-old actress with "People". "My Italian family still loves to have dinner together on Sundays. It happens every week. And we wanted the atmosphere at our wedding was the same as these family dinners".And the little picture, which is also published on the cover, Alissa and David posing arm in arm with a friend of the groom and new boyfriend Renee Zellweger - Bradley Cooper.Yesterday, Milano wrote on his Twitter page the following message: "I'm on my honeymoon. Now we together with my husband enjoying a life full of love. Читать полностью -->

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