Angelina Jolie will give birth to a seventh child

Angelina Jolie will give birth to a seventh childCelebrity couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are expecting the birth of their seventh child. Such sensational news reports Star Magazine.Information about pregnancy Jolie confirms an unnamed family friend. He claims that pitt and Jolie worked on a sequel of sorts in recent months.According to the insider, Jolie realized that she is pregnant even before she passed the tests. And now is in a state of euphoria.In addition, recently, Jolie was named the most beautiful woman in the world in a survey conducted by Vanity Fair. Source: Angelina Jolie will give birth to a seventh child. . Читать полностью -->

Heart Ricky Martin belongs to both sexes

Heart Ricky Martin belongs to both sexesAbout the sexual orientation of Richie Martin talks for a long time, but Latin American singer himself admitted recently that he likes both men and women.Jonalu Aqui he said that his heart may belong to both sexes. Were you surprised the singer by this statement, or all long suspected him bisexual? Source: Heart Ricky Martin belongs to both sexes. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Director of `the Millionaire from slums` again will take on Mumbai

The Director of `the Millionaire from slums` again will take on MumbaiThe Director of "the Millionaire from slums" Danny Boyle gathers his crew to start work on another film about the financial capital of India Mumbai.In an interview with The Daily Telegraph said the Oscar-winning screenwriter paintings by Simon Bopha.Boyle has already bought the movie rights of the book the Indian Suket mechty "City High: Bombay lost and found". "The decision was taken only a couple of weeks ago, and I'll write the script for Danny," he told reporters screenwriter.In his words, "City High" is not art, but rather, documentary work, so finding it in the story may be problematic. "It's a beautiful book, added by Bopha," I often used to work on the script for "Millionaire". There are many wonderful characters, but there are no stories".It is worth noting that the "City Max", which is a mixture of memoir and travelogue tells the story of Bombay and different life of its inhabitants. In 2005, the product of the Suket Mehta was nominated for a Pulitzer prize. Source: the Film "the Millionaire from slums" again will remove about Mumbai. Читать полностью -->

Opera `Aida` will put on the water

Opera `Aida` will put on the waterBritish conductor David Pountney (David Pountney) put popular Opera of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida on the floating stage on lake Constance.The irony, says the Times, is that the action of "Aida" is set in the Egyptian desert. But Pountney this circumstance is not confused, he was sure that he was able to find a suitable stage solution. "Aida" will be held on 22 July 2009 at a music festival in the Austrian town of Bregenz.The performances on a floating stage in Bregenz first appeared in 1950. David Pountney working in Bregenz since the mid-1990s, put there of Verdi's "Nabucco" and "Il Trovatore". Episode one of the most successful Braginsky water productions of recent years - "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini - can be seen in the film "quantum of solace".At the same time Opera on lake Constance in Bregenz can listen to about 7 thousand people. In 2008 "Longing" listened to more than 140 thousand people. Читать полностью -->

Keira Knightley brought Colin Farrel from depression

Keira Knightley brought Colin Farrel from depressionKeira Knightley, which will play together with Colin Farrell in the movie "London Boulevard" (London Boulevard), which will begin shooting next month, helped him when he started having problems with his girlfriend.32-year-old Colin recently broke up with writer Emma Forrest, which met for over a year, and this gap has led him into a confused state. The actor found solace in Kira, with whom he talked about the upcoming work. She mentally encouraged him, and, as claimed, it helped Kira to better understand Colin as a person that will be important to work on the film.23-year-old star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" aims to quickly pull in "London Boulevard", because a lot was preparing for his role. At the same time, she feels lonely because her boyfriend Rupert Friend is now busy with the promotion of his film Young Victoria, Yoni rarely see. Source: keira Knightley brought Colin Farrel from depression. . Читать полностью -->

Kristen Stewart has fun with her lover

Kristen Stewart has fun with her lover Apparently, Summit took pity on Kristen Stewart, because yesterday she and Michael Angarano were seen on the streets of Vancouver, walking together. The lovers did not notice the passers-by and rejoiced in the pleasure.Source: Kristen Stewart has fun with her lover (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan has filmed herself Topless

Lindsay Lohan has filmed herself Topless Lindsay Lohan - another star who loves to take photos of herself. Girls should be banned from taking pictures of themselves in the Nude, if they don't want to see the entire Internet.Lindsay filmed himself on his phone during a photo shoot for Fornarina.Fortunately, more candid photos in the network have not got, but Lohan obviously need to be careful with your habits, if she wants to go to the movies and earn a good reputation, and that she'll never get on the cover of Vogue. Source: Lindsay Lohan has filmed herself Topless (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Christina Ricci and her fiance broke off the engagement

Christina Ricci and her fiance broke off the engagementPeople magazine writes that Christina Ricci and her fiance Owen Benjamin announced the termination of their engagement.Last week Owen celebrated his birthday and at first everything was fine, but at the end of the evening they with Christina quarreled and eventually decided to cancel their engagement. Maybe it's just a temporary quarrel, because the friends of the couple say that they are really close and love each other. Source: Christina Ricci and her fiance broke off the engagement. . . . Читать полностью -->

Patrick Swayze decided to prove that he's still alive

Patrick Swayze decided to prove that he's still alivePatrick Swayze decided once again to prove that he, first, alive, and secondly, not going to give up.In order to finally refute rumours of his death, Patrick and his wife Lisa Niemi have circulated in the media photo sharing wife insist that one photo is worth more than all the words. It is Patrick and Lisa are sitting surrounded by beloved dogs Lucas, Kumasi and Rodesian on his ranch in new Mexico.We also learned that Patrick is writing a memoir - and they should get out this fall. Helps the actor, again, my wife Lisa. In the book Patrick will talk about his childhood, career, marriage and the struggle with cancer."I told the publisher that my life story can serve as inspiration for other people," explains Patrick in an official statement. - I will write from my heart and everything that I have experienced. And if in addition to pleasure from the process I will do it again and give inspiration to people, or help them find a reason to live or a new love - it will be fine." Source: Patrick Swayze decided to prove that he's still alive. Читать полностью -->

To survive the crisis, the Russians will help Kashpirovsky

To survive the crisis, the Russians will help KashpirovskyWhile the Central TV channels of the country close one show after another, NTV has prepared its viewers a sensational novelty.As it became known on Wednesday, in the near future in broadcasting of the Russian channel will exit the program (and will be published regularly), which is leading the legendary Anatoly Kashpirovsky. Ostankino regulars now call it the return of the historical.Ideologists of the project claim that the "new" Anatoly Mikhailovich water will mesmerize and energize. This will be the show of a different kind. The Studio will come the brightest representatives of show business and pour out his heart. The creators of the new show make the emphasis on psychotherapeutic talent 69-year-old hypnotist (1962 Deepak graduated from Vinnitsa medical Institute, and after 25 years working as a psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital).Trust innermost secrets to the physician of souls with a scandalous reputation already decided Lolita and Mikhail Porechenkov shooting involving these stars have already been held at the end of last week, according members of the top television connect the return Kashpirovsky on the screen with the global financial crisis. It seems that the niche of "man out of the box", which will want to trust the people, finally busy.The population of the former USSR have something to remember about the legendary magician. Читать полностью -->

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