Michael Jackson was overtaken by the next trial

Michael Jackson was overtaken by the next trialThis time with pop king brought suit former press agent Raymond baine, who wants to get with his former client, $ 44 million plus repayment of costs lawyers.Raymond was dismissed from his post in 2005 by brother Michael, Randy - it happened just on the eve of the allegations of Jackson's seduction of minors. However, in 2006, Raymond returned to the command of the singer. According to Bain, Michael has performed in front of her financial obligations, and now she wants to get paid for it in full.Bane says: she tried to solve the matter peacefully, but nothing came of it, and she was forced to sue. "I am very sorry that I had to go against my old employer, Michael Jackson and all those with whom I worked, - reads the statement of the plaintiff. - We have with Mr. Jackson were long, productive and very beneficial business relationships. Читать полностью -->

Drunk Sadalsky staged a sex Orgy with Evelina Bledans

Drunk Sadalsky staged a sex Orgy with Evelina Bledans Amateur beautiful women and firewater Stanislav Sadalsky has once again proved that the word scandal and his name is synonymous.Another show the actor gave the restaurant near the Pushkinskaya at the presentation of the new project of Tina Kandelaki "Men's game". However, this time the actor did not act alone, as I used to, but in the company of the sexy stars of "survivor" Evelina Bledans.In the restaurant Stanislav and Evelyn arrived already drunk and immediately rushed to the bar for a drink of alcohol. Pipe, as they say, burned. And not just on fire, and burned. Lovers (exactly present myself as Evelina and Stanislav tonight) in one gulp drank three glasses of champagne and started hardcore dancing right before your eyes sophisticated at first glance guests.- Us champagne and more! - shouted bartenders Sadalsky.- You would have the conscience to behave in decent places as it should be, " he muttered under his breath passing waiter.SexDances the merry couple seemed a little without thinking, Stanislav and Evelyn began to make love. A sex game has replaced another, and the artists were all little. Читать полностью -->

Khabensky sheltered Mikhail Porechenkov

Khabensky sheltered Mikhail PorechenkovAs you know, some time ago popular actor moved from America to his son Vanya and mother-in-law.Constantine managed to insist that their child spent more time at home and was baptized according to the Orthodox tradition. However, before Khabensky, another problem arose - the housing problem.Treatment late wife at a cost of Constantine in a round sum, and, despite the help of friends, Constantine was in serious financial difficulty. Not even the incredible amount of work was shouldered by the actor. Considering all pros and cons, Knightley was forced to admit that the apartment is on the shaft of Hospital, where all this time was inhabited by the artist, now he can not afford.Fortunately, help came again friends. Or rather, one of the oldest friends Khabensky - Mikhail Porechenkov. Knowing what a difficult position was his colleague, Michael immediately offered Constantine together with his family to live in his country house. Читать полностью -->

Hope Granovskaya again, leaving `VIA gra`

Hope Granovskaya again, leaving `VIA gra`Old new soloist of group "VIA Gra" Nadezhda Granovskaya, which returned to the group just five months ago, again leaving the project.After leaving the group four years ago, the singer got into a trap producer - she decided on a comeback to reclaim their $ 400,000: Dmitry Kostyuk and Konstantin Meladze promised Nade to pay old debt. As it became known "Z", after nearly six months Granovskaya realized that money can not see it - the crisis, unfortunately, has not turned her superiors in wizards.- Nadia hoped that he would be able to return the money, no matter how it was like the absurd, said "Z" close friend Granovskaya. - Many of our friends experiment immediately seemed too hasty. Nadia hurried and now left with nothing.The artist who managed to pull in the new video "VIA gra" for the song "Antigas" and returned to my most popular project by Konstantin Meladze former popularity, again out of the game. Replacing the languid brunette country are preparing to autumn.CheatingRecall, the problems in the team with Nadia began just two months after returning. Appearing in the group in January, the spring Granovskaya was still working on the rights of the Intern. Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr engaged

Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr engagedThe source reports that there were photos where the Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr on the ring finger ring sparkles. All at once suggested that Orlando bloom has made his sweetheart offer.In addition, when reporters turned to the pair behind the comments, they do not have anything to deny, but to confirm, too."I know about those photos. However, to comment on anything I will not", - said the representative of Miranda. The representative of the actor fails to communicate. What is known: the 26-year-old Kerr came from 32-year-old bloom in Cannes for just one night and immediately returned to new York for the shooting - proluchaetsya that Bull made her an offer in France. Source: Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr engaged. Читать полностью -->

Madonna hides relationship with Jesus

Madonna hides relationship with JesusYesterday Madonna and Jesus Luz were again seen together at new York restaurant Morandi. The school they left separately, but in a few minutes met Madonna in the car.Looks like these two really want to keep their relationship secret. Perhaps they originally intended this to ease the pop star's adoption of Malawian girls.Earlier they were seen in the center of Kabbalah, but joint shots at the paparazzi do not work. Source: Madonna hides relationship with Jesus. . . Читать полностью -->

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