Jessica Alba showed her figure after giving birth

Jessica Alba showed her figure after giving birth 28-year-old actress completely restored the body - Jessica demonstrated a striped bathing suit and a perfectly flat stomach.Saturday, August 1, Jessica and her husband, Cache Warren, noticed on the beach in Malibu together.The actress was in a revealing swimsuit, although the photos from two weeks ago Alba captured on in Malibu in a dark sarong - despite the hot sun.Celebrity couple pitch, enjoying the sea... And hugs each other......And then, holding hands, went to sunbathe...Their daughter, one year old baby honor Marie, was not there - it seems that the couple decided to carve out for themselves a little time from his busy production schedule.Warren returned from filming in China, and Alba is busy with her little daughter and simultaneously removed in the movie "Valentine's Day", where invited such well-known Actresses like Julia Roberts and Jessica Biel. This is the third film of the actress in 2009.In addition, Alba intrigued by his fans, saying that working on one of the most secret projects in his career. She wrote about this on his page on the social network MySpace. Source: Jessica Alba showed her figure after giving birth (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Shvydkoi left GITIS after the dismissal of the rector

Shvydkoi left GITIS after the dismissal of the rectorThursday, 14 may, the special representative of the President for culture Mikhail Shvydkoi has submitted a letter of resignation from the Russian Academy of theatrical art (RATI, the former GITIS) after a day earlier was dismissed by the rector Marina Khmelnitskaya.This became known to the newspaper "Time of news". Shvydkoi was a Professor of the history of foreign theatre RATI.To perform the duties of the Khmelnytsky was appointed Director Yuri Sherling, a graduate of GITIS. 15 may be held extended meeting of the academic Council of the University, which has the right to approve or not approve a proposed candidate for the position of acting rector. However, according to "Kommersant", now the Council members refused to approve Serlenga and vote on his candidacy will not work.Teachers GITIS wrote a letter to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in which he complained that their opinion did not take into account when selecting a candidate for the position of rector. On this edition of Professor noted RATI chief Eugene.According to "Kommersant", among those who signed the petition - Vladimir Andreev, Alexey Bartoshevich, Dmitry Bertman, Sergei Zhenovach, Leonid Heifetz. In an interview with "Gazeta" (GZT.RU) Bertman said that "if things remain unchanged, the proportion of teachers leaving RATI, including himself.However, as told "Kommersant" Director of the Department of education and science of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Oleg Neretin, Sherling will not nominate his candidacy in the upcoming elections of the rector, and not able to do under the law: in August 2009 the Director reaches the retirement age of 65. Читать полностью -->

Renee Zellweger starred for `Glamour`

Renee Zellweger starred for `Glamour` Famous actress Renee Zellweger in Glamour magazine. June 2009.Source: Renee Zellweger starred for "Glamour" (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Anfisa Chekhov admired forms of Dita von Teese

Anfisa Chekhov admired forms of Dita von TeeseLast Friday, the popular domestic fashion designer Masha Tsigal celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his boutique. To celebrate such a significant event in the capital of the fashion industry gathered a lot of stars.Great excitement was aroused by the appearance in the boutique Anfisa Chekhova. Sexy TV presenter is still under the impression of the past in Moscow "Eurovision-2009". Anfisa admitted. which is outraged, as was shown in live performance of her favourite - American stripper Dita von Teese who participated in the room of Germany."I only watched the last day. We have a tradition - we're throwing a party, devoted to the country, which passes the "Eurovision". This time we had a Russian party with pickles, capstock, vodka. Читать полностью -->

Saltykov sent his daughter abroad

Saltykov sent his daughter abroadSinger Irina Saltykova admitted that now she is not worried about their careers and about career daughter who decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents.Children "star" parents tend to repeat the success of their moms and dads. Alice, the daughter of the once popular singers Irina Saltykova and Victor Saltykov, preparing for a career in singing.After graduating from art school on the French Riviera, Alice decided not to stop there. She enrolled in the Conservatory at London Department of vocals. "She's got the genes. After years of training she can sing in different genres: country, jazz, rock, ar-al-bi..." - says Irina."I'm sure my daughter will succeed on the English stage. And then in Russian. Читать полностью -->

In new York, died choreographer Merce Cunningham

In new York, died choreographer Merce CunninghamMerce Cunningham, the legendary American choreographer, reformer of modern dance, died in new York at the age of 90. About it reports AFP referring to representatives of the Fund in his name.In early June 2009 Cunningham has announced plans concerning the fate of the troupe of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company after the death of its founder. At the same time the Fund Cunningham had to proceed to a detailed transcription of all the works of the choreographer to keep his legacy intact.Cunningham, the famous disciple of Martha Graham, he founded his company in 1953. He is often attracted to the work of composer John cage and artist Robert Rauschenberg. Cunningham turned many ideas about choreography, and it was been honored with countless awards America, Europe and Asia, including Japan's Praemium Imperiale award. Source: new York died choreographer Merce Cunningham. Читать полностью -->

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