The estate is haunting Neverland Ghost Jackson

The estate is haunting Neverland Ghost Jackson And already surrounded by mysteries the death of Michael Jackson continues to continue to grow into the mysteries. Once the unrest among the fans began after the display of TV reportage of the deserted estate, Neverland.The movie, filmed with a camera crew from CNN and posted to YouTube, immediately broke records for attendance. In addition to fans, he attracted a lot of fans of the supernatural. The fact is that at some point the deserted corridors of the house crosses a very distinct shadow.Fans of the musician and ufologists immediately came together and said: Michael is alive. And his soul is haunting her home. Support their version is the solution native of Jackson to bury his body, without waiting for the examination to which the deceased were seized by the brain.Interestingly, the members of the crew of no ghosts not seen. Читать полностью -->

Traveler Konyukhov cured from the bite of a tick

Traveler Konyukhov cured from the bite of a tickRussian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who is hospitalized in a hospital in Tuva, was discharged on Friday, 19 June, after his condition improved, reports RIA Novosti.Grooms, who participated in the expedition of the "Great silk road", dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the occurrence of Kalmykia in Russia, went to the hospital on June 9.The diagnosis was not reported, however, as it became known later, Fyodor Konyukhov has suffered from a tick bite.In Mongolia, where he was a traveler, he failed to provide medical care in the hospital had no medicine, no electricity.Grooms was transferred to the territory of neighbouring Tuva through the border checkpoint khandagiri-Borshoo and delivered in Kyzyl.According to doctors, Fedor Konyukhov is fully healthy and can continue the journey. Meanwhile the expedition "the Great silk road passing without him. It should end in Elista on October 31. Source: Traveler Konyukhov cured from the bite of a tick. . . Читать полностью -->

Portrait of Jackson went under the hammer

Portrait of Jackson went under the hammerPortrait of king of pop Michael Jackson, written by the artist Andy Warhol, brought to the organizers of the auction in a new York art gallery Vered Gallery several million dollars.The hostess Vered Gallery Janet Lehr did not specify the exact amount, referring to the traditional policy of the gallery. Pre-sale estimate for the canvas size of 76 to 66 inches $ 800 thousand dollars, but experts believed that buyers can pay for it up to 10 million, RIA Novosti reported.A month ago gallery Vered Gallery has temporarily removed the portrait from the auction. Then the image of a smiling Jackson in a red jacket, which he starred in the music video, Thriller, was estimated at between $ one to $ 10 million. Contrary to all expectations, the lot was never exhibited.As explained by the organizers of the auction, the reason for this extraordinary hype around the figure of the "king of pop" and the desire to offer a picture of "the greater number of prospective buyers.". . . Читать полностью -->

The Swedes did not feel ashamed of their musicians

The Swedes did not feel ashamed of their musiciansOn March 14 the Swedish national selection round of Eurovision in non-competitive program was presented to the song known Swedish Comedy group called Grotesco "Tingeling goes Russia".The music room was, according to the authors, a satirical parody of Russia's oversaturated set of hackneyed clichГ©s. The audience was shown the bear, dolls, red stars, cap with earflaps, half-naked girls and drunken generals. And in the lyrics of the Swedish team used phrases such as "goodbye, Putin" and "health, Stalin".Russian Embassy in Sweden immediately responded to the statement by Swedish musicians, having acted with sharp condemnation of the numbers presented. According to a statement by the press Secretary of the Embassy of Anatoly Kargapolov the Embassy staff shocked by this understanding of Russian culture in the Swedish community. "What is crazy and what are their stereotypes about our country? Their Russophobia should be treated in a psychiatric hospital, and not to withdraw to the stage of the concert hall!" - Swedish media quoted the statement of a Russian diplomat.The Swedish audience was delighted with the performances of the group Grotesco - currently the song "Tingeling goes Russia leads in the number of downloads from the Internet. However, fearing that the unfolding scandal is not marred by the events of the Eurovision song contest, organisers of the qualifying round hastened to hush up the incident. Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich has found a stable personal life

Anna Semenovich has found a stable personal lifeThe most sexy native star showbiz Anna Semenovich is moving away from creative things to do. According to rumors, Anya finally found a stable personal life and really want to try yourself as a wife and mom.It's tempting to say: about time. The girl is under thirty, no kids, no lashes... But surely Anya, like any normal young lady, I want a simple female happiness - a firm male hand and wakana lalki at hand.Many of the environment of the singer noticed that in recent times it is increasingly "Wake up" maternal instincts: S. then moved by loudly catalogs baby clothes, keenly interested in the experiences of their friends who have already become mothers. As a result, in the party talking like a beautiful blonde and she has matured to such an important fate, writes "Express newspaper".In addition, she has a permanent and wealthy admirer, who, as gossip, does not depart from a friend on a step, day or night. Читать полностью -->

In France celebrated the 200th anniversary of `Description of Egypt`

In France celebrated the 200th anniversary of `Description of Egypt`The Paris army Museum together with the national Association of the museums of France holds within its walls an exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the appearance of one of the most famous and monumental historical and geographical works - "Description of Egypt".On this essay had about 160 employees, from cartographers, geologists and botanists to engineers and architects. Many of them participated in the March of Napoleon's army in Egypt in 1798. It is Bonaparte was the customer "Description", and work on the encyclopedia of ancient and modern Egypt began. In 1809 commenced the publication of a single volume format in-folio, the first edition there were 23 of them, and in the second, completed in 1829-m, volume was 37. Because of the high cost of the "Description" was printed in a limited edition - 1000 copies - and quickly became a bibliographic rarity."Description of Egypt" included 3000 illustrations, including colored watercolors. For the first edition was prepared such a detailed map that Napoleon was not allowed to print it, lest she never took advantage of his opponents. Читать полностью -->

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