Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelage

Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelageOne of the most notorious contestants on the show "Two stars" Andrey Chernyshov proved that he becomes the new sex symbol of Russian cinema.At the presentation of the new video Presnyakov Podolsky and the actor has managed the impossible: to make the session flirting with the singer Pelageya. First, the joke went, that she's only interested in Russian folk art.FlirtingBarely crossed the threshold of the restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Andrew immediately appeared in the center of female attention of many guests of the restaurant, but only Pelageya fell hard on the soul. Serial character immediately sat down at the table of the singer, where did not get up until the end of the evening, which would be called the middle of the night- I am pleased with it, " argued his cheerful mood and hours of presence at the table artist actor.Itself Pelageya, apparently, was also not against the attention handsome with high cheekbones and was frankly to him is something put a hand on his shoulder, then drink wine with him.The ownersNot less happy were the heroes of the day Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov. The latter forced the guests to sing the Russian national anthem.- Stand up and start singing, like an orator in ancient Rome, was broadcast from the stage of the singer.After the speech the actor and his future wife Natasha, guests indulged in a couple of hours of fun that did not end until, until ended with alcohol. Source: Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelage. . Читать полностью -->

Angela Merkel stripped for advertising

Angela Merkel stripped for advertisingThe German company - manufacturer of underwear advertises its products using the image of local politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now lush neckline Chancellor can see everyone.With colorful posters looks MS Merkel in a lavender bikini instead of the usual formal suits. It was accompanied by foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chairman of the German Free democratic party, Guido Westerwelle, Bavarian Minister Horst Lorenz Seehofer, leader of the German ex-Communists Gregor Gysi, the Minister for family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen and President of the Green party CEM Г¶zdemir. All politicians stand in his underwear.Of course, this is not photography, but merely a publicity stunt with painted political figures. Underwear manufacturer main goal of your campaign is urging people to buy their products at an affordable price despite the economic crisis, writes the German edition Р’ild .Note that Angela Merkel is of great interest to the public not only as a politician but as an ordinary woman. So, a few years ago naughty pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel sparked protests in Germany. Читать полностью -->

The Pontiff accused of `crime against humanity`

The Pontiff accused of `crime against humanity`A group of members of the Belgian Senate has prepared a draft resolution condemning the remarks of the Pope about the dangers of condoms in the fight against AIDS during his March visit to Africa, said on Tuesday the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.In March, touring Africa, Benedict XVI has said that AIDS can be defeated only abstinence and spiritual development, while the free distribution of condoms only threatens to worsen the situation. This statement of the Pope suddenly aroused a strong reaction in many countries and numerous protests, primarily in Western Europe and the USA.In Belgium, in particular, members of the house of representatives of the Belgian Parliament in early April, adopted a resolution asking the government "to condemn the unacceptable statements of the Pope during his visit to Africa and to make a formal protest to the Vatican.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Unpublished Vonnegut stories see the world

Unpublished Vonnegut stories see the world14 short stories by Kurt Vonnegut, previously unpublished, will be published as a book, which was called "Look at the birdie" (Look at the Birdie).Publisher Delacorte Press intends to open an unknown Vonnegut readers in November 2009, reports AP.Also the publisher plans to re - release of 15 books, including "Slaughterhouse five" and "Sirens of Titan", another edition of unpublished works, as well as the collected letters of Vonnegut.The publication of works not published during the life of the writer, was launched in 2008 by the book "Armageddon in retrospect" (Armageddon in Retrospect). It opens the Preface of the son of novelist, physician, and writer Mark Vonnegut. The book includes essays on the theme of war and peace.Kurt Vonnegut died on April 12, 2007 in new York, he was 84 years old. During the life of the writer was published 14 novels, many of which have become bestsellers, and several collections of short stories. Vonnegut fought in world war II and was in Dresden during the bombing of the city by allied forces. The absurdity of the war was a constant theme of creativity of the writer. Читать полностью -->

The media in Europe laugh at Sarkozy

The media in Europe laugh at SarkozyEuropean media on Friday lashed out at the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. When reporters learned, as he spoke of their foreign colleagues, in Europe sparked a real scandal.So, the French leader casually noted that U.S. President Barack Obama is "very unusual", and the Spanish Prime Minister and did not possess the mind"."Foolish, ridiculous, fledgling chick", - writes of Sarkozy, British The Guardian. Another English newspaper The Times has dubbed the French President "bitchy little Princess". The Spanish press had taken the initiative, arguing that "Sarkozy fully showed their infinite complexes". According to the Agency France Press, on Wednesday during lunch of the President of France with members of Parliament, as usual, was to begin the discussion of the global financial crisis. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson was barren

Michael Jackson was barrenThe American edition Radaronline published a sensational interview with a former lover personal dermatologist of Michael Jackson. Paul Goranson (name of lover) claims that the singer was... barren.Say, Michael himself spoke about it, lamenting that the blame for his father as a child, he once beat him in the groin. Beat father Michael, and after he released his first solo album: for what she achieved record sales. "It was then that the father has put Michael hardest hit in the groin area, calling him "Baba" and "disgrace the family," says Paul.According to Goranson, in the 90 years, Jackson unsuccessfully tried to get posterity, but soon the doctors have pronounced a sentence - infertility. And so Michael asked your dermatologist to become the biological father of his children - Prince, Paris and Blanket. Читать полностью -->

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