Died former Argentine President raГєl alfonsГ­n

Died former Argentine President raГєl alfonsГ­nAt the age of 82 years died, the former President of Argentina, raГєl alfonsГ­n (Raul Alfonsin), AFP reported. Several years ago, alfonsГ­n was diagnosed with lung cancer.RaГєl alfonsГ­n, who led the radical Civil Union, served as President of Argentina from 1983 to 1989. AlfonsГ­n was the first in many years, the President of Argentina, who came to power through democratic elections.Since 1976, when Argentina suffered a military coup, until 1983, the presidency was occupied by the representatives of the junta. However, once in 1982 Argentina lost to Britain in the Falklands war, the military regime was overthrown and were declared a General presidential election, won by alfonsГ­n.While Alipasina as President established the national Commission involved in the investigation of crimes of the military regime and the collection of evidence of the involvement of the junta to the murders of thousands of Argentines. General Jorge Rafael videla, who served as President from 1976 to 1981, during the reign of alfonsГ­n was sentenced to life imprisonment.In 1989 Alphonsine lost the presidential election to Carlos Saul Minimu, who soon after coming to power pardoned members of the junta, including General Saw. A full-scale investigation of the crimes of the junta resumed in 2003, when Menem was replaced by Nestor Kirchner - the husband of the current President of Argentina Cristina fernГЎndez de Kirchner.Alphonsine until 1993 remained the leader of the radical Civil Union. Читать полностью -->

Soloist Depeche Mode lost consciousness before the concert

Soloist Depeche Mode lost consciousness before the concertLead singer of Depeche Mode David Gahan Tuesday night was admitted to hospital in Athens, and the concert of his band cancelled, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Greek television.About the illness of the leader of the group became known already after about 20 thousand spectators gathered for the concert at Greek Terra Vibe Park. The organizers told reporters that the Gahan lost consciousness in the dressing room, after which arrived the ambulance took him to the hospital. Now his condition is not reported.David Gahan and in the past had serious health problems - from addiction to drugs. 1996 year heroin overdose almost cost him his life. Source: Soloist Depeche Mode lost consciousness before the concert. . Читать полностью -->

Sarah Jessica Parker will live separately from her husband

Sarah Jessica Parker will live separately from her husbandThey say the birth of a child by a crumbling marriage will not strengthen. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick tried it and, it seems, unsuccessfully.If you believe the rumors, Sarah, along with his eldest son - six-year-old James Wilkie and monthly twins moved to Brooklyn, while Matthew remained in Manhattan. The reason? The star of "Sex and the city", though, wants to raise kids away from the bustle of Manhattan. Logical. But, on the other hand, what prevents her husband to join them?Says a source close to the pair, one of the friends could not believe that this will actually happen, but, according to him, the solution is correct:"Sarah loves Manhattan, but now she has three children, and perhaps they grow better in a more relaxed and quiet location, not on a mad Manhattan. But Matthew love their townhouse in Manhattan, and it is, moreover, beside his work on Broadway. Читать полностью -->

Olga Buzova insulted fans of `Spartacus`

Olga Buzova insulted fans of `Spartacus`Ex-member and now a leading reality show "Dom-2" Olga Buzova unsuccessfully went to the football match "Spartak - Zenit. Famous blonde, who cares for St. Petersburg team, fans of "Spartacus" was insulted.The opening match of the championship of Russia on football scored the riots that caused the fans of Spartak Moscow and Petersburg "Zenith". Olga Buzova, which came in the Luzhniki stadium to cheer for your favorite team in his car with the Petersburg rooms, is particularly remembered for the scandalous brawl."I can safely call myself a fan of football, but since I'm from St. Petersburg, we were rooting for "Sentoku," recalls the last match Olga Buzova. "I was screaming, "Zenit, chop chop!". Читать полностью -->

Samantha Fox was a lesbian

Samantha Fox was a lesbianThe famous British disco diva of the 80's Samantha Fox, about which the least fans could think that the girl will be a lesbian, announced the intention to enter into a civil partnership with his longtime girlfriend Mira Stratton.Once Samantha had disappeared from the pages of various Newspapers and magazines, yellow, music, and secular-leaning, because the size of her bust outshone advantages of many other popular musicians. Today it has grown up, settled down and ready to get married. "We could get married here in England, a holiday party to arrange in Siberia," he told Fox. - We could ask to hold the ceremony Liz Mitchell from the group BoneyM, because now it became a pastor.". . . Читать полностью -->

Galkin left Pugacheva

Galkin left PugachevaThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva came to St. Petersburg alone.The train of the stars stayed at the Moscow station in St. Petersburg right on schedule - in 08.48. Alla Borisovna never got out of his car. Ahead of her made surprisingly few suitcases and concert outfits, and only then in the narrow doorway of the car wearing a white outfit and heavy makeup - there was Alla.Looking at the outfit, hairstyle and make-up of the singer, could create the impression that right at nine in the morning, from the train, she is ready to go on stage and sing her hits. But upon closer examination it became clear that Alla Borisovna very tired and, as ever, lonely. Читать полностью -->

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