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Died former Argentine President raГєl alfonsГ­n

Died former Argentine President raГєl alfonsГ­nAt the age of 82 years died, the former President of Argentina, raГєl alfonsГ­n (Raul Alfonsin), AFP reported. Several years ago, alfonsГ­n was diagnosed with lung cancer.RaГєl alfonsГ­n, who led the radical Civil Union, served as President of Argentina from 1983 to 1989. AlfonsГ­n was the first in many years, the President of Argentina, who came to power through democratic elections.Since 1976, when Argentina suffered a military coup, until 1983, the presidency was occupied by the representatives of the junta. However, once in 1982 Argentina lost to Britain in the Falklands war, the military regime was overthrown and were declared a General presidential election, won by alfonsГ­n.While Alipasina as President established the national Commission involved in the investigation of crimes of the military regime and the collection of evidence of the involvement of the junta to the murders of thousands of Argentines. General Jorge Rafael videla, who served as President from 1976 to 1981, during the reign of alfonsГ­n was sentenced to life imprisonment.In 1989 Alphonsine lost the presidential election to Carlos Saul Minimu, who soon after coming to power pardoned members of the junta, including General Saw. A full-scale investigation of the crimes of the junta resumed in 2003, when Menem was replaced by Nestor Kirchner - the husband of the current President of Argentina Cristina fernГЎndez de Kirchner.Alphonsine until 1993 remained the leader of the radical Civil Union. In 2001 he was elected Senator for Buenos Aires, but within a year was forced to resign because of illness. Last time Alphonsine appeared in public in October 2008 at the ceremony of installing his bust in the House of government; participation in the ceremony took Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Source: Died former Argentine President raГєl alfonsГ­n.


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