Sarah Jessica Parker will live separately from her husband

Sarah Jessica Parker will live separately from her husbandThey say the birth of a child by a crumbling marriage will not strengthen. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick tried it and, it seems, unsuccessfully.If you believe the rumors, Sarah, along with his eldest son - six-year-old James Wilkie and monthly twins moved to Brooklyn, while Matthew remained in Manhattan. The reason? The star of "Sex and the city", though, wants to raise kids away from the bustle of Manhattan. Logical. But, on the other hand, what prevents her husband to join them?Says a source close to the pair, one of the friends could not believe that this will actually happen, but, according to him, the solution is correct:"Sarah loves Manhattan, but now she has three children, and perhaps they grow better in a more relaxed and quiet location, not on a mad Manhattan. But Matthew love their townhouse in Manhattan, and it is, moreover, beside his work on Broadway. Now he just talks about his participation in one production, so it makes sense to stay there.".

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