Olga Buzova insulted fans of `Spartacus`

Olga Buzova insulted fans of `Spartacus`Ex-member and now a leading reality show "Dom-2" Olga Buzova unsuccessfully went to the football match "Spartak - Zenit. Famous blonde, who cares for St. Petersburg team, fans of "Spartacus" was insulted.The opening match of the championship of Russia on football scored the riots that caused the fans of Spartak Moscow and Petersburg "Zenith". Olga Buzova, which came in the Luzhniki stadium to cheer for your favorite team in his car with the Petersburg rooms, is particularly remembered for the scandalous brawl."I can safely call myself a fan of football, but since I'm from St. Petersburg, we were rooting for "Sentoku," recalls the last match Olga Buzova. "I was screaming, "Zenit, chop chop!". And my friends with whom I came to football, I tried to calm down: "Olya, watch out! If "Zenith" will win, your car fans of "Spartacus" in the trash will turn".Heeding the advice of friends, the star of "House-2" began to behave more cautiously, and most of the game she decided to spend in the cafe, waiting for the victory of their countrymen. Draw Olga Buzova not pleased.However, even equal to the presenter finds an excuse: "we had a lot of moments when we could score a goal. And "Spartak generally a couple of times yesterday were a disgrace! We didn't win, because Arshavin is not. He's arrogant, stubborn and smart. It was felt that it is not enough".However, the trouble the girl was waiting. "At the end of the game I was sad at the toilet, says Days.Ru star of the screen. - And suddenly coming towards me two fat man with red scarf, whose mustache beer flowed. And the second one specifically says loudly: "No, well, you know we have homeless people won't!" I asked loudly: "they're bums call?" They looked at me funny and kept quiet. Thus, I found that, it turns out, residents of the Northern capital and directly to fans "Zenith" Muscovites called "homeless." I unpleasantly shocked. Football I've been fond of, but with such rudeness meet for the first time". Source: Olga Buzova insulted the fans of "Spartak"".

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