Galkin left Pugacheva

Galkin left PugachevaThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva came to St. Petersburg alone.The train of the stars stayed at the Moscow station in St. Petersburg right on schedule - in 08.48. Alla Borisovna never got out of his car. Ahead of her made surprisingly few suitcases and concert outfits, and only then in the narrow doorway of the car wearing a white outfit and heavy makeup - there was Alla.Looking at the outfit, hairstyle and make-up of the singer, could create the impression that right at nine in the morning, from the train, she is ready to go on stage and sing her hits. But upon closer examination it became clear that Alla Borisovna very tired and, as ever, lonely. In Petersburg with her didn't go Maxim Galkin, none of the promised stylist Sergei Zverev, who in some cities was accompanied by Pugachev and sang her duet song, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".To look at an idol, fans took their places on the platform early in the morning, and eagerly caught every movement of the train, waiting for the appearance of the singer. When they returned, the Diva passed through the station surrounded by a dense crowd of guards. Get an autograph from an idol, no one happened: the guards politely but firmly cut off any attempt. "How are you feeling?" - we asked sapropelite. "Fine," she replied dryly, smiling slightly.One kid, oddly enough, posing as a TV reporter, still unable to break through to the star. "Where? "said Alla. Nothing I tell you!" And never said a word. She was like she endures all this attention only out of courtesy, and the most anxious to be alone. No wonder its the rider in the first place is the requirement to ensure privacy before and after the concert. Source: Galkin left Pugacheva.

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