Severely beaten by the mother of Andrey Malakhov

Severely beaten by the mother of Andrey MalakhovIn the family of the famous TV presenter Andrey Malakhov on the day the accident happened. The mother showman since August 1, is in serious condition in the Sklifosovsky Institute. A woman was severely beaten by a street gang.Some time ago, Andrei's mother came to visit from the Murmansk region, where the broadcaster. The last few days Andrew was absent in Moscow - he was on holiday in France. But this time with his mom on Pokrovsky Boulevard of the capital has been an accident.68-year-old woman late at night I decided to walk around town. However the walk this ended very sadly. About two o'clock on Ostozhenka street, just steps from the building of the police station, the mother of Andrew pounced unknown and beaten.The guests of the capital with injuries was taken to the Institute. Sklifosovsky. There, the victim told all that had happened to her, and admitted that she is a relative of a famous TV host.Learning about the incident, Andrey Malakhov immediately flew to Moscow. The incident was a shock for him: "I just landed in Moscow. Urgently returned from vacation, told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the anxious presenter. Is that mom in the hospital, found out on the phone. Flew the next flight. Mom was my guest. It all happened on Pokrovsky Boulevard. I need to figure out what exactly happened. Honestly, I think nobody will look for these people." Source: mother Brutally beaten Andrey Malakhov.

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