Kylie Minogue was photographed for the magazine `Elle`

Kylie Minogue was photographed for the magazine `Elle` 40-year-old Kylie told "Elle" that anti-aging treatments to help her to stay young and beautiful."I'm definitely not one of those people who say "You shouldn't do it." Every man does what he wants. I also think it's not as embarrassing as it was, when I was growing up. And if you want to take advantage of this, please. Now I prefer natural. I tried Botox, I've tried everything".The singer believes that Botox and plastic surgery should not criticise in modern society.According to Kylie, this is a totally normal procedure that help women look younger and more attractive."I will try everything that can help me stay beautiful," the singer admits, -Botox, plastic surgery is fine. But only in moderation...".


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