Ksenia Sobchak gave his blood to the needy

Ksenia Sobchak gave his blood to the needyOn June 14, the Day of the donor socialite Ksenia Sobchak together with participants of the TV project "Dom-2" has joined the donor movement and gave his blood to those who need it.Early morning on the set of "House-2" came the mobile station of blood transfusion. The first donated blood leading project Olga Buzova and his party Rustam Solntsev, followed by everyone else.Closer to the dinner on the set arrived Ksenia Sobchak and also looked at the point of blood collection. "As you have here cool! - admired chief leading "House-2". - A real spaceship!" Xenia was very rare third group, which she willingly shared, passing the required 450 milliliters.To participate in the voluntary donation not only managed to Lena Buchenau that six months ago he suffered an abdominal operation, Gleb Strawberry, who has congenital heart disease and Ksenia Borodina, who recently gave birth to first child. June 10, 26-year-old TV presenter had a daughter.About the problem of blood shortages project members know firsthand. Victoria Karaseva, one of the "Oldies", three months in hospital, two of which she was on the verge of life and death. When Victoria Karaseva tragedy struck, they all responded and gave her his blood, which helped to save tori's life."When I needed blood, she passed much more than I needed, - said Victoria. And I am very glad that someone finds it can save lives. In the hospital I learned that blood is not always enough... not all who need treatment, are public people, not everyone has the opportunity to announce to the whole of Russia that they need blood. Naturally, there are blood banks, but they are not unlimited. In order to save someone's life, don't be a hero - just enough to give blood". Source: Ksenia Sobchak gave his blood to the needy.


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