New book brown will be a mystery for readers

New book brown will be a mystery for readersIn connection with the release of his new novel "the Lost symbol" (The Lost Symbol) American writer Dan brown has prepared for readers new riddles and puzzles, promise publishers.The long-awaited continuation of the bestselling "the da Vinci Code" about the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon will be released in the U.S. on September 15. But now fans can search the Internet encrypted text snippets. Puzzles, secret materials, maps and aphorisms of the sequel will be scattered in the social networks Facebook and Twitter, reports the BBC.Furthermore, it is known that the new action Thriller brown will unfold over just 12 hours. No other details were not disclosed. In 2004 there were rumors that he will be called "Key of Solomon" and talk about the Freemasons in Washington, DC - the writer several times been observed in the study of Masonic temples in the U.S. capital.These conjectures are confirmed by a statement released on Wednesday cover of "the Lost symbol". So, the us version shows a silhouette of the Capitol against the red sunset sky, and red wax seal with the Masonic mascot "33 degrees", which is the image of a crowned double-headed eagle.Recall that Dan brown repeatedly delayed the release of the new novel: originally he was supposed to see the light in the fall of 2006, then it was moved to 2007, but in February 2009 the writer officially announced the termination of work on the book. The gap between "Code" and "the Lost symbol" was larger than that between the previous brown's books, which led to speculation about his creative crisis.Interestingly, now the Studio Columbia Pictures has announced its willingness to migrate and the third novel brown on the screen. Source: the New brown book will be a mystery for readers.

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