The last novel by Nabokov was given a Russian name

The last novel by Nabokov was given a Russian nameThe last novel by Vladimir Nabokov, the writer himself in his last will he willed not to publish received the official name in his own language.Unfinished work of the Russian-American classic in America will be released as "The Original of Laura", and in Russia - "Laura and its original".The publication of this book is actually a violation of the will of Vladimir Nabokov. The writer has time to prepare for this novel is only 50 index cards and ordered not to betray its unfinished work to the public. His son Dmitry, the owner of the international Fund of the estate of Vladimir Nabokov, for many years stood guard last wish of his father, but last spring suddenly changed his mind and hired a literary agent to find a suitable publisher and set a date for the release of the novel.The first 5,000 words of Laura and its original" will be released on 10 November 2009 on the pages of the December issue of Playboy, whose owner Hugh Hefner, a big fan of this author of Russian origin, not stood up for the price and earned the right to first publication of the unfinished work."I'm happy to announce that not a single excerpt of a literary work did not cost us so dearly," he announced in early July, the literary editor of Playboy Amy grace Loyd, who spent months on the deal.In Russia a novel called "the Original of Laura", "the Original of Laura, until, finally, at the end of July was not approved by the official name of the book - "Laura and its original". It was agreed by the translator, editor and writer's son.To date, the Russian publisher, who received the exclusive rights to publish in Russia nadopasana novel by Vladimir Nabokov, was admitted a redacted version of the product. It is already known that the Russian edition of the book will appear after the release of the American and English editions, the output of which is scheduled for November 17, 2009, but exact date not yet announced. Source: the Latest novel by Nabokov was given a Russian name.

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