The star of the movie `hipsters` pregnant Todorovski

The star of the movie `hipsters` pregnant TodorovskiCult film Director Valery Todorovsky is preparing to become a father. 27-year-old star of the film "hipsters" Evgenia Brik, which for some time now his wife, is expecting a child.Komsomolskaya Pravda Kate simply pea coat with icy eyes - so remember the beautiful Zhenya after reaching the wide screen musical about hipsters ' 50s. "I will not lie down under the hipsters", " actress manages to say according to the script. In the life of Eugene was much more romantic girl.LoveHer passionate affair with 46-year-old Director Valery Todorovsky began about three years ago and gradually ended with a trip to the registry office. The master considers temperamental brunette for which threw ex-wife, Muse and gladly takes her in his paintings. In addition to "Mods", Zhenya played loud in a previous work Todorovski - the controversial film "the Vise". The third joint project of the Eugene and Valeria will become a child. As it became known LIFE.RU baby will be born in six months.- From his first marriage with Natalia Tokareva Valera already have two children, say colleagues loving couple on "Hipsters". And that kid came from Eugene, he dreams for the first year. Now, when the dream finally comes true, he became the happiest man on earth.- While a little time and talk about it early, " says Brick.EugeneBy the way, the ambitious name of the wife Todorovski, not because she dreams about loud comparisons with Mayakovsky's Muse. Confusion with the name when Eugene, then Hirivskaya, began working in radio. One day, visiting one of the shows at "Mayak" she admitted that she always dreamed to be broadcast. Dreams come true - after a while she was offered to become the leading night program with partner Oleg Bitov. Jack agreed, and to be memorable to the listeners, decided to change the name Hirivskaya more memorable and catchy - BRIC. Not as Lilya Brik, and as the grandmother of the actress. Source: the star of the movie "dudes" pregnant Todorovski.

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