Malakhov wrote a second book

Malakhov wrote a second bookAndrey Malakhov has finished work on his second book and is going to present on 22 June, the shortest night of the year.- To take on a second book I was offered a publishing house, with whom we released "My favorite blonde" - to them was so much interest that the circulation was defectively three times, " says the showman in an interview with "the source". - First I was asked to write a book on how to become famous. But I refused: what can we learn from a humble native of Apatite? Agreed that the story will maintain my inner voice, my second "I" named Robbie Deripaska. In my opinion, the second book turned out to be more Frank first. It's almost a memoir.Venue - TV, the notorious show business. Begins the story of how people with "Other channel", holding under his arm a suitcase with a million dollars, trying to lure a famous TV presenter - and they do it. The truth is like a miraculous transformation of a well-known humorist in lover of dancing? I do not hide behind masks. The characters of the novel are real people acting under their real names: guy Ritchie, Ksenia Sobchak, Olga Slutsker, Marat Safin. The only fictional person - Margarita. The fact that one of the conditions of the transition of the hero of the book on "Another channel" - co-host, her TV star chooses at random from among the fans crowding under the Windows of his house.As for my second half without the quotes, a girl from the audience I'm trying to hide. Even if and personal life to flaunt it, nothing of you will remain. Home, family - lately more and more I start to appreciate this dock. Now firmly say that I dream about children.Well for the sake of whom I do work in "Let them talk" insanely? So tired already about any get-togethers don't think - I can't go to sleep. Perhaps it's age, but I do not want that life ended a couple of cloves and nobody touching words of sorrow in the foyer of the "Ostankino"... a Beautiful name - "foyer". But simply put, ordinary passage - at the plant in Ust-Labinsk, where the main character of my new novel and where, according to rumors, is still active on one of the plants in the mother of a Russian oligarch. Source: Malakhov wrote a second book.

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