Michael Jackson was overtaken by the next trial

Michael Jackson was overtaken by the next trialThis time with pop king brought suit former press agent Raymond baine, who wants to get with his former client, $ 44 million plus repayment of costs lawyers.Raymond was dismissed from his post in 2005 by brother Michael, Randy - it happened just on the eve of the allegations of Jackson's seduction of minors. However, in 2006, Raymond returned to the command of the singer. According to Bain, Michael has performed in front of her financial obligations, and now she wants to get paid for it in full.Bane says: she tried to solve the matter peacefully, but nothing came of it, and she was forced to sue. "I am very sorry that I had to go against my old employer, Michael Jackson and all those with whom I worked, - reads the statement of the plaintiff. - We have with Mr. Jackson were long, productive and very beneficial business relationships. Unfortunately, Mr. Jackson chose not the most honest way is not fulfilled financial objazatelstv in our contractu, despite my numerous attempts to settle this matter amicably. I'm genuinely upset by this fact".Representatives of Jackson so far, keep proud silence. Interestingly, the amount that Michael owed Raymond Bain - how good is it less than that which she requires by the court? Miser pays twice, Michael. Source: Michael Jackson was overtaken by the next trial.

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