Khabensky sheltered Mikhail Porechenkov

Khabensky sheltered Mikhail PorechenkovAs you know, some time ago popular actor moved from America to his son Vanya and mother-in-law.Constantine managed to insist that their child spent more time at home and was baptized according to the Orthodox tradition. However, before Khabensky, another problem arose - the housing problem.Treatment late wife at a cost of Constantine in a round sum, and, despite the help of friends, Constantine was in serious financial difficulty. Not even the incredible amount of work was shouldered by the actor. Considering all pros and cons, Knightley was forced to admit that the apartment is on the shaft of Hospital, where all this time was inhabited by the artist, now he can not afford.Fortunately, help came again friends. Or rather, one of the oldest friends Khabensky - Mikhail Porechenkov. Knowing what a difficult position was his colleague, Michael immediately offered Constantine together with his family to live in his country house. Home still, though not fully completed, but to live in it.As a result some time ago, Konstantin moved to the suburban village of Tolstopaltzevo. Hence every day the actor goes to serve in his native Moscow art theatre.Chekhov. Without having Khabensky tries to leave, but this, however, does not happen often. But here with pleasure come close friends Khabensky and Porechenkov, grabbing with their children.Just recently, the actor decided to have regular gatherings and summoned all on skewers, which, incidentally, was preparing himself under the strict guidance of mother-in-law Galina Georgievna. And although Constantine absolutely everyone is trying to surround with care, attention and support, in the face of the actor can be seen that fully from the tragedy, he has certainly not recovered. If Khabensky and smiles, that is very rare. And most of all his smile is addressed to a son, van, who were pretty skilled in the residence. As they say in the environment of the artist, shortly Constantine intends to baptize Vanya and have already agreed about the ceremony with a priest, whom she met and became friends during the filming of the movie "Admiral". Source: Khabensky sheltered Mikhail Porechenkov.

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