The shocking truth about the life of Michael Jackson

The shocking truth about the life of Michael JacksonGrace Rwaramba, 42-year-old native of Rwanda, worked as a nanny in the family of Michael Jackson for over 10 years.She left the star's house in December 2008. This woman raised three of his children - 12-year-old Prince Michael, 11-year-old Paris and 7-year-old Prince Michael II.Grace claims that she was fired because she was getting closer and closer to the children's pop idol. "I raised those kids from the very first day of their lives. These are my kids" - not hiding emotions says heartbroken Geis, adding that Jackson later and again asked her to return, as she was unable to care for themselves and their children. When the singer died, she was in London, but on the eve of one of the brothers of the deceased artist asked her to fly to Los Angeles to in these tragic days to be with children as they are very hard to tolerate the death of his father.According to grace, the last time the singer was addicted to pain medication. All this occurred against the backdrop of financial problems and a kind of child-rearing practices. "Michael has had cold, hard and sterile relationship with their own children - they just were afraid of him," said the woman. "In the presence of his famous father children just froze, - quotes its words of News of The World. - We often laughed and hugged each other. But when Michael had been nearby, they behaved like frozen. I miss the Blanket. He always amused me. Once he decided to give me a concert and started singing Billie Jean and other songs of his father. It was such a happy moment! When suddenly in walked Michael Jackson, the children were silent, and looked very frightened. Michael then became very angry".Talking about the fact that children are always and everywhere been seen in public in masks, grace says the kids just hated those masks. "But it wasn't my idea. I would hate them. And at every opportunity tried not to wear them on the children, pretending that I forgot. This led Michael into a rage. But what shocked me the most is that the children are not even teachers. They could not play with other children, and they didn't have a teacher, who helped them to learn about the world," she says.But the most difficult times for the family has come after a trial on charges of molesting minors. Jackson left America to join the children wandered from country to country, from one hotel to another. The nurse confirmed that he was receiving daily "cocktail" of various drugs, including anesthetic drug. "I often had to wash out his stomach," she says. - At one time it was so bad that I did not allow the children to see him. He always ate too little and taking too much medication. I once tried to call and talk about his dependence on drugs with his mother Katherine and his sister Jennet. Then Michael turned on me, blaming the fact that I betrayed him. He didn't want to hear anything. After that I left.".


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