The Empress Cleopatra was African blood

The Empress Cleopatra was African bloodIn the veins of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who was famous for, according to legend, its extraordinary beauty, may have African blood flowing, the creators of the documentary bi-Bi-si.Previously it was thought that the Queen, who was the daughter of the ruler of Egypt from the Ptolemaic dynasty and the actual wife of the Roman General Mark Antony, had Greek roots.However, recently in the Turkish city of Ephesus was discovered the tomb of the sister of Cleopatra - Arsinoe.Analysis of the remains suggests that her mother was an African woman: in favor of this show features of its skeleton. It is assumed that his mother Cleopatra was a concubine.Sister and rivalThe tomb of the sister of Cleopatra found an employee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences the Khilko Tour. He noted that "not every archaeologist is possible to discover a tomb containing the remains of one of the members of the Ptolemaic dynasty"."The fact that the mother of Arsinoe had an African woman, is a real sensation, which makes for a fresh look at family and Cleopatra at the relationship between two sisters: Cleopatra and Arsinoe" he said.This is also evidenced by the archaeologist and presenter of the documentary Neil Oliver."Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, mark Antony - they are all iconic historical figures. It is almost impossible to imagine that they were real people, not mythical characters as they are presented in a 1963 film "Cleopatra" actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor," said he."When I'm in the lab looked at the bones of sister Cleopatra, suddenly realized that in her life she has been in contact with Cleopatra, and, possibly, with Julius Caesar and mark Antony. I just have hair on my head stood on end, " admits Oliver. Suddenly these famous historical figures were people of flesh and blood.".


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