Vasily Utkin was robbed by burglars

Vasily Utkin was robbed by burglarsThe unknown criminals robbed the apartment of the famous sports commentator Vasily Utkin. The thieves picked up the keys to the apartment located on the 16th floor of a building on Michurinsky Prospekt.Returning home from work at about midnight, Basil found the front door open, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Upon entering the apartment, the commentator realized that was the victim of robbers.The house was gone the gold value of 250 thousand rubles and money - Colo 30 thousand rubles. Everything else was in place. Mayhem in the house. Utkin immediately called in "02". "Apparently, thieves have been watching the apartment and just picked up the keys to the castle", comment the police daring robbery. Is confirmed by the fact that the door wasn't forced". Nowadays burglars are looking for.Russian celebrities often become victims of robbers. At the end of last year unknown robbed a popular showman and TV presenter Alexander Tsekalo in his house in the elite village of Glukhovo on the ruble. In the house to Alexander broke four unknown persons in masks and black gloves. They tied all the occupants of the room and laid them on the floor. Then demanded money and valuables. The victims did not resist and complied with the demands of criminals.After that, the attackers fled. In the end, the robbers took seven million rubles in cash and jewelry, which are popular showman estimated at five million.And in October, figure skater Evgeni Plushenko became the next victim of a Scam, hunting for valuables in the dressing-rooms. After a rehearsal, Plushenko has missed a lot of things people left behind. The most valuable were expensive watch - a memorable gift sweetheart skater Yana Rudkovskaya. The watch, presented to Eugene as an incentive for participation in "Eurovision", amounted to 20 thousand euros. Source: Vasily Utkin was robbed by burglars.

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