Malakhov've nailed woman British diplomat

Malakhov've nailed woman British diplomat36-summer Andrey Malakhov once again embroiled in a sex scandal - again made itself felt, his addiction to married women. The famous host this time he nailed a cute blonde.Svetlana Camoranesi Andrew noticed leaving in the morning from the hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt". Anchorman never thought that at such time it can catch with a married woman: he gently held her hand and sat in the passenger seat of her convertible in a familiar, native, says "Life".Malakhov's often seen with different girls, one more interesting than another. Only this Saturday one of the highest paid entertainers in the country was seen at Simachev Bar" (which, incidentally, is closed because of the financial crisis) with a pretty lady on his arm. As it turned out, his companion was the daughter of the owner of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Cooking Remchukov. But the restaurants Andrew can go with anyone, but to make the rescue of the finest hotels of the capital, he preferred with ladies in age.Once Malakhov opened up and admitted that it really excite adult women whose sexual experience is much more than an inexperienced young blondes.Svetlana, who Malakhov she goes on a date at dawn, is the spouse of an employee of the British Embassy. Personal life of any passion Andrew always becomes public domain, so this time don't have to wait long for the juicy details. Surrounded by TV presenter say that the husband Camoranesi after learning of her affair with TV presenter, filed for divorce.Andrey refused to comment on the sex trip, saying only that his personal life is nobody's business, and he is not obliged to explain the morning exit from an expensive hotel. Source: Malakhov've nailed woman British diplomat.

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