In the family Pugacheva was a misfortune

In the family Pugacheva was a misfortuneRecently Evgeny Borisovich has taken heart. Pugachev immediately called my doctor, and he advised the patient to immediately go to the survey in the hospital.Recall that a year ago the brother of the Divas already came with a heart attack in a Military hospital for war veterans. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", in the family of Alla Borisovna almost all "cores": parents died, and not live to 70, after a massive heart attack, and the singer recently underwent two heart surgeries. Now brother complains about his health."Plus everything else and other "ailments" I revealed in the survey - something with blood problems, they say, not enough oxygen - shared brother Pugacheva. - Alla Borisovna in trouble me left, immediately called to me from his tour, offered to help. I have here the conditions are good: the house is great, the TV has. However, watch this "box" doesn't want to - there's bad news, negative one show. And I worry now impossible".Eugene B. already feeling well and asks the doctors rather to allow him to leave the hospital walls and to go recuperate at nature.Recall that in March this year, Alla Pugacheva has announced his departure from the stage and named the two main reasons that pushed her to this decision. Both are related to health: the first reason is that the health of the heart and not allow it to dangle more and tour the country. Second - after a series of operations, the voice of a prima Donna, according to her, hooked and can't convey those feelings and intonations that she wanted to Express through music. Source: In the family Pugacheva was a misfortune.

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