Sobchak discovered the secret of harmony

Sobchak discovered the secret of harmonySocialite Ksenia Sobchak has discovered the secret of harmony and dispelled all the rumors regarding her pregnancy, and breast augmentation.Occupation TV presenter commits Xenia always look good. She does yoga, Pilates and cardio. "Every day I have some variety of physical exercise, deals with me coach," says the TV presenter.No special diets Sobchak does not adhere to. But he believes that to shed those extra few pounds is very simple: "If you want to lose weight, your arrival must be less than consumption. It's simple accounting. You have to burn calories more than you ate. I burn in a day is an incredible amount of calories. I always nedoberet food, and therefore do not need diets, " says Ksenia. But if you don't like sports, just watch how much you spend. Spend about two thousand calories, so to should consume no more than 1500. These are basic things".As it turned out, despite all the rumors, Ksenia Sobchak not pregnant: "I until this state is very close. And I'm not ready to start a family," said Xenia. Recall that now the TV presenter meets with Dmitry Savitsky, CEO of the radio station "Silver rain".As it turned out, Sobchak did not do plastic surgery for breast augmentation and no plans. "My chest is still small, a size two. But I honestly think she is incredibly beautiful. And more beautiful Breasts than my own, I never saw. To tell you the truth. To show and prove that I will not, let it remain for most of my close friends. But if I, as any woman will ask: what body part do you consider most beautiful? I will say, my chest. Therefore, to touch its certainly not going to increase too.She told me that she doesn't even like women with big Breasts. And all her jokes and outputs on the scene with the fake Boobs of the big size - it's just banter. "In my understanding, a woman with large Breasts is such a matron, the mother of the family. Moreover, it is not even I, it is said Coco Chanel: nothing ages a woman like large Breasts. And the woman with small Breasts will look gracefully to old age. Moreover, I very close to the style of art Deco, I love the 30-ies. Silent film actress. And it's a completely different ideal of beauty. My ideal of beauty is not Marilyn Monroe. It's more of Natalie Portman or keira Knightley. So the breast I'm not going to increase. I have it a little, but, believe me, very classy," said Sobchak in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: Sobchak discovered the secret of harmony.

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