Berlusconi blackmail spicy photos

Berlusconi blackmail spicy photosThe scandal surrounding Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi continues to grow into new juicy details. Berlusconi claims that the photographer Antonello Zappadu asked for 700 photos of 1.5 million euros.In the statement of the Prime Minister emphasized that these images capture moments of purely personal life, so their distribution is illegal.The politician has made formal application to the state office of the Guarantor of privacy, demanding to prevent the publication of photos taken at his Villa Certosa in Sardinia during the Christmas holidays of 2008 and reflecting, according to him, the moments of purely personal life.Earlier Days.Roux wrote about what the New year at Villa Certosa in 2008 among many young girls celebrated and 17-year-old neapolitana Noemi Letizia. There miss Letitia along with three dozen other girls lived in the bungalows on the estate. Back she came back on a private jet Berlusconi.The presence of Berlusconi on April 26 of this year at the celebration of majority Noemi and his gift - a pendant for 9 thousand dollars became the last straw that broke the patience of the wife premiere of Veronica Lario. The scandal was so loud that now the Prime Minister to demand an explanation not only of the spouse decided to divorce, but also members of Parliament.Last Thursday, Berlusconi during an official meeting at the government Palace Chigi said that never had "spicy" relations with underage girls. According to him, if this happened, he would immediately resign.However, the Italian media as another argument of infidelity Silvio Berlusconi leads a seemingly harmless request policy. Allegedly, the Prime Minister asked Noemi to treat him as a grandfather, and she joked that he's too young for that, and offered to call him "Papi". Source: blackmailing Berlusconi spicy photos.

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