Timothy had a fight with one of his fans

Timothy had a fight with one of his fansRapper Timati got into a fight with one of his fans in Rostov-on-don, in front of the terminal building.The incident occurred in the afternoon of 12 July. Timothy pulled up to the airport on a bright yellow Lamborghini Diablo. As soon as the rapper got out of the car, rushed to his fan. A young man, in love with the works of Timothy, was clearly drunk and behaved with a star in rude.He tried to hug Timothy, his longtime friend, to make the photo with a star on the memory. "First Timothy just pushed the fan, and when he went straight for a hug again, hit in the jaw. A fan fell to the ground, - told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" one of the airport staff. - It was evident that sticking to Timothy the guy wanted to take revenge on the singer, hit back, but intervened in the case to protect the MC and the police - they took it in different directions".The circumstances of the incident went to learn in the police Department. There Timati and his fans have abandoned any claims to each other. That is why the fight did not get into the book police duty. Drunk guy tried to apologize to the rapper, but he advised me never to cross his path, especially in this condition."I hate that this story took place in Rostov - said the organizer of the tour and each rapper Emile Zolotov. - Timothy was upset about what had happened, because before the trip to the airport he repeated that happy with the way Rostov took it." Source: Timati got into a fight with one of his fans.


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