The film `Titanic` will be photographed

The film `Titanic` will be photographedTop grossing drama of all times and Nations under the name "Titanic" returns to the big screen in a fashionable 3-D format.Director James Cameron in the works on the film "Avatar" was so fascinated with the latest technology, I decided to retell in a new visual way their major hits, including, in addition to the history of the aftermath of the iceberg of love, and "Terminator 2: judgment day".Devotion to the viewer the different paintings still had only coloring faded with time frames - as it happened with "Gone with the wind" or our "17 moments of spring". James Cameron has established himself as a legislator contengency: his films every time became milestones in the genre - whether it's "Aliens", "Terminator", "Titanic". It is possible that it will become the harbinger and fashion "tribalization" classics.About his desire to pump up the volume the cult romance "Titanic" filmmaker said in Empire magazine during the festival Comic-Con in San Diego, which became the source of many rumors about the status of the Hollywood "dream Factory". "We're going to translate "Titanic" in 3-D! - announced Cameron. - We have already done a video for 90 seconds is phenomenal and amazing. So we plan to do this next year".The Titanic, the first film with a budget of 200 million dollars in the history of cinema, in 1998, took 11 "Oscars" of the 14 that were claimed. The picture was awarded in almost all articles, except acting: for example, best cinematographer, best decorations, best costumes, best sound, best editing, best visual effects. In other words, Cameron is back in the mid 90-ies of the last century ("Titanic" sailed in "ocean" of filmmaking in 1995 made the maximum to 15 years to return to the project and improve its visual range based on the capabilities of the new Millennium.3-D lift is planned for the second part of the uprising of the red - eyed cyborg Cameron admitted that he was considering to do the same trick with "Terminator 2", but rejected the idea of giving extra volume to "outsiders". The Director explained that, in his opinion, the "day of judgment" passed the test of time, while a ruthless space monsters left far behind the latest computer realities. Source: the Film "Titanic" will be photographed.


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