`Baby` the Nobel prize was awarded to the Palestinians

`Baby` the Nobel prize was awarded to the PalestiniansThe award Astrid Lindgren, the Creator of Carlson, this year received the Palestinian tamer Institute (Tamer Institute). This writes The Guardian. Cash prize comparable to the Nobel prize: she is 5 million Swedish kronor ($578 thousand).The tamer Institute was founded during the first intifada in 1989. It promotes reading in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan river. The jury noted his "tenacity, courage and ingenuity", shown when working in such difficult conditions.The Astrid Lindgren prize was founded in 2002 after the death Lindgren, known for his children's book "Pippi Longstocking", "the Kid and Carlson who lives on the roof", "Emil from Lonneberga". The winners were Philip Pullman (Philip Pullman) and Sonia Hartnett (Sonya Hartnett).The Lindgren award may be awarded to a writer, Illustrator or organizations that are engaged in the popularization of literature. Tamer is not the first Fund, to receive this award: 2007 award Lindgren won the Venezuelan charity project Banco del Libro.This year for the award Lindgren was nominated 153 nominees from 60 countries. Among them were Andrey Usachev, author of "Smart dog Sony, Illustrator Ekaterina Silina, nominated in 2008, and Sergei Mikhalkov. Source: "Children's Nobel prize was awarded to the Palestinians.

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