Elizabeth Taylor began heart problems

Elizabeth Taylor began heart problemsFamous actress Elizabeth Taylor before he was urgently hospitalized due to emotional exhaustion in connection with the death of Michael Jackson, who was her close friend.The actress was taken to hospital in Los Angeles from her home in Beverly hills. Western press reports that when the actress found out shocking news about the death of Michael Jackson, she started having heart problems, writes The New York Post.Recall that the heart of the king of pop stopped on June 25. Still Michael Jackson is not buried, as expected, due to the fact that his brain was removed for biochemical examination. A bronze coffin with his body in the basement of the main building of the Hollywood Forest Lawn cemetery.As you know, Elizabeth Taylor did not come to a public farewell ceremony with the singer. She has published a blog post in which he admitted that he didn't want to put their feelings on display. "I don't think Michael would like that I was sharing my grief with the crowd. What I feel for him is ours. Not public", - she wrote.However, representatives of the 77-year-old actress claimed that Elizabeth was hospitalized only for scheduled surveys and Michael Jackson is not the cause of her malaise, writes CNN .Later there was an entry in the blog of the actress on the social network Twitter: "No grief is stronger than my grief over the death of Michael Jackson. But because of this I am not at death's door". Source: Elizabeth Taylor began heart problems.


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