Three versions of the death of Arturo Gatti

Three versions of the death of Arturo GattiAfter opening the body of the former world champion on professional Boxing Arturo Gatti in the investigation there are three versions of the death of the famous boxer - suicide, murder and accident.Recall that the canadian was found dead in a hotel in Brazil , where he came to spend his honeymoon with his wife and year old child. Police arrested 23-year-old boxer's wife Amanda Rodriguez on suspicion of murder , because at night, when Gatti died, the couple had a huge fight. In addition, the testimony of Rodriguez caused suspicion in the investigation.Meanwhile, autopsy results put this version into question, according to the Brazilian newspaper Jornal do comГ©rcio. It turned out that the body of a boxer for some time were "in limbo". This suggests that after a quarrel with his wife pretty drunk alcohol Gatti himself took his own life deliberately or by accident.Note that in custody Rodriguez denies all the charges and expressed confidence that her innocence would soon be proven.Recall that Gatti was a world champion in two weight categories. Glory won three of his fight with Micky ward in 2002 and 2003, where the opponents to the delight of the audience spared neither themselves nor each other. In July 2007, after losing the fight with Alfonso Gomez canadian announced the completion of a career. After retiring from the ring Gatti continued to attend professional fights as a spectator. On account of his 40 wins and 9 losses, with 31 winning canadian won in a row. Source: Three versions of the death of Arturo Gatti.


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