Disclosed intimate mystery of General Franco

Disclosed intimate mystery of General FrancoSpanish historian argues that Francisco Franco had one testicle.Jose Maria Zavala in his new book recalls memories of a granddaughter attending physician Franco, urologist Antonio Peguera, which for a long time was treated in General.According to Dr. Ana Piquer, the dictator personally on the big secret told her grandfather about the illness."Franco was monorchid - he had only one testicle," said the granddaughter of a doctor.In June 1916 the future Caudillo, while serving in the Spanish army, was wounded in the lower abdomen in battle near Ceuta.Biographers have long argued about whether this was reflected injury to the reproductive abilities Franco, despite the fact that in 1926 the General's daughter, Carmen Franco Polo.Two dictator of EuropeLast year the documents were made public, showing that in 1916 at the battle of the Somme similar wound in the lower abdomen got Adolf Hitler.The doctor of the German army and veteran of the First world Johan Jambor told the priest that, as a result of injuries Hitler also lost one testicle.Learning of this, the future fГјhrer first of all asked: "can I have children?".


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