Philip never intend to marry

Philip never intend to marryPhilip stated that it did not intend to marry. "I'm not going to marry," admitted Philip. His revelations singer shared on the eve of a significant date.If not for the divorce, Phillip and Alla would celebrate "glass wedding" - 15 years of life together."You know, after a woman with respect and love for others to imagine myself with someone else -- Or can imagine, but to go through life, Wake up and fall asleep with the other - no! And may I play the role of a philanderer and a supermacho, but lowered my head and my heart immediately closes, - quotes the singer website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Philip doesn't like to talk about the life that was to 94th year. The first time he saw "the woman who sings" when he was nine years old. Grandma took him to a Christmas tree in the Kremlin Palace where she walked with her daughter and Alla Borisovna. Diva could not even imagine that in a few years will become the spouse Kirkorov. But Philip, on the contrary, recalls that the day was sure that he would marry only for Pugacheva. "Alla is a very confident woman, self-sufficient... Alla is the milky way, the whole universe", - said Kirkorov.The first storm of the heart Diva singer has taken in 1988, when he came in her famous "Theatre songs". But Diva is not adopted then. Six years later, the popular singer, zealously caring for Alla, received from her long-awaited "Yes". Heart Pugacheva, not giving in to the charm of the handsome six-foot very long, vanished in December ' 93.Kirkorov came to the party group "On-On" with a bouquet of her favorite yellow roses, knowing that his beloved woman also will be there. She took the flowers and suddenly publicly announced his engagement to Philip. It was a shock and Kirkorov, and for the whole party. But on 15 March, the wedding took place. They lived just two months into marriage when they decided to get married in Jerusalem. Pugacheva and Kirkorov has asked the blessing of the President of the Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Kirill, the current Patriarch of all Russia. And received permission.Speaking about the mystery of feminine charm Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov notes that "it is very thin the man who loves not yourself in art, and art in itself. Allah is the light that illuminates the way of the blind, the poor, the needy, talented, but not dishonest, incompetent, jealous, angry, greedy - people that light will never help, do not give the key to Wonderland...". Source: Philip never intend to marry.

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