The `Shiny` now protects the spetsnaz

The `Shiny` now protects the spetsnazFemale staff "Brilliant" expanded broad-shouldered men in the form of a detachment of militia of special function. The reason for this enhanced protection - repeated statements of annoying fans who literally besieged by girls.Because of the inadequate behavior of the fans of the popular group "Brilliant" now protects the special forces. The girls even had to move into an armoured vehicle. Such an impressive and serious escorts producers groups mobilized on the eve of the birthday of lead singer Anna Dubovitskii."First, we are bombarded with strange text," correspondent was told by Days.Ru Anna Dubovitskaya. - It has been reported that we are preparing a surprise will be waiting for us under the Windows".When the "Shiny" drove to a karaoke bar, where they, and in particular Anya Dubovitskiy expected guests, the girls were shocked to see uninvited guests, strange scurrying at the building."They were waiting for us at the bar, - continues to tell Anna. - Several young men were standing by their cars and waited for us. We were scared so surprise. But we too surprised. With us there were "policemen"! Our defenders just looked at these men as they immediately disappeared!".

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