Contemporary art has frightened residents of Sweden

Contemporary art has frightened residents of SwedenArtist Conny Blom (Conny Blom), exhibited under the open sky in the city of Г¶rebro, scared local residents, AFP reported.As part of Г¶rebro festival of contemporary art, on the streets of the city were placed 15 installations Blom, representing bandaged with duct tape bunches of carrots, which are attached to wires and a clock. However, residents of Г¶rebro did not understand the concept of the artist, and the police had received reports of bomb scares.Representatives of law enforcement agencies ordered to remove from the streets all the installations Blom. The police did not rule out that against the artist and the organizers of the exhibition of his works - Art gallery Г¶rebro - can be charged with disturbing public order.On the official website of Connie Blom reported that installations that scared the residents of Г¶rebro, are part of the "Rabbit Project" ("Bunny Project"), begun by the artist in 2004. Bunches of carrots that simulate explosive devices, the artist, in particular, placed in the heart of Berlin Sony Center buildings and Daimler Chrysler. Source: Modern art frightened residents of Sweden.

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