Jolie returned home from Iraq

Jolie returned home from IraqAngelina Jolie with her son Maddox were photographed on Friday at the Los Angeles airport. Star mom and boy returned from Iraq, where the actress had to go on a working visit from the UN.Angie and Maddox left the airport through a back exit to avoid the army by waiting paparazzi. But, despite all efforts, they, nevertheless, have been photographed by photographers.In Iraq, Jolie visited a refugee camp, and then went on a U.S. military base in Baghdad.34-year-old actress posed with happy soldiers for photos, some of which are represented in the gallery.During his visit to a refugee camp anj spoke with people, encouraging them with promises of aid they will receive in the near future.By the way, Jolie is a goodwill Ambassador from the United Nation for about 8 years.Earlier, before leaving the actress was reported that she had a big fight with brad pitt. If this is true, then curiously - made up celebrity couple Lee after returning Jolie or is still in the fight? Source: Jolie has returned home from Iraq.

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