Robert Pattinson gives Stewart expensive gifts

Robert Pattinson gives Stewart expensive giftsRobert Pattinson with Kristen Stewart special relationship. Although they say they don't meet, but Robert all the time spend your money on buying various presents for Kristen.He searches for her, rare vintage things that he knows will appeal to Kristen. So Rob recently found her black-and-white photo of the Beatles, which costs around 300 dollars and a t-shirt from a concert 1970 for $ 400". In addition to this British beauty told his friends that in an average month he sends Kristen 400 SMS.But, notwithstanding all these attentions, the actor said recently: "I'm young, single and I'm lonely". A few days before, Kristen also said: "Rob and I are good friends. We've been through a lot together, and we are very close. Got a good buddy and that's the main thing". Source: Robert Pattinson gives Stewart expensive gifts.

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