The doctor of Michael Jackson is hiding from the world

The doctor of Michael Jackson is hiding from the worldFor the first time since the death of Michael Jackson, his personal cardiologist Conrad Murray, who is suspected of involvement in the death of the singer, personally addressed to all via the Internet and thanked for their support."I want to thank all my patients and friends who kept sending me e-mails, letters and messages expressing their support for me and my family, saying that they pray for us. With everything that is happening, I'm afraid to answer phone calls and letters. So I recorded this message to let you know that I received your message," said Conrad Murray.It is known that the doctor mysteriously disappeared immediately after the death of the singer. And the police repeatedly interrogated personal physician pop idol, and held in his home and offices searched. Due to the fact that the most likely version of the death of Jackson remains an overdose of medication and medical errors, the behavior of the Murray gave rise to rumors that he is the chief suspect in the case of the death of Michael Jackson.PCP admitted to the police that he gave the singer a shot of the strongest pain medication a few hours before his death, but the fact that this was the cause of cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson, is not proven."Please, don't worry! As long as God in my heart and in my life, I'll be fine. I did everything I could. I told the truth and believe that truth will prevail. Yes God bless you! Thank you!" - asked Conrad Murray over the Internet.Meanwhile, so far no official information about the results of the investigation, no.It is known that the king of pop Michael Jackson will be buried at Hollywood's Forest Lawn cemetery on his birthday, August 29. The father of singer Joe Jackson reported that the ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. local time (21:00 Moscow time - approx. Days.). He noted that all details of the event have been negotiated in the past few days.At the moment, the body of Michael Jackson was subjected to deep freezing and is in a freezer located under the ground. Mother stars Katherine Jackson ordered to move his son's body from the cemetery Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the freezer. A woman fears that the corpse of the king of pop may have been stolen from the cemetery obsessed fans. Source: the Doctor of Michael Jackson is hiding from the world.

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