The producer of `Rennet` has found a new passion

The producer of `Rennet` has found a new passionSix months after the scandal in the band "Ranetki" when because of personal relationships 40 year-old producer Sergey Melnichenko kicked out of the popular "Apple" staff singer Lera Kozlova.Showman quickly found a replacement ex: his new passion became a solo player all the same "Ranetki" - 19 year old Natasha Shchyolkovo.It seemed, more recently, Sergey Melnichenko could not recover after a series of scandalous interviews his former girlfriend Lera Kozlova. But lately surrounded by Melnichenko increasingly began to notice that he looks happy again. As it turned out, the reason is a new hobby of Sergey dark-haired member of the band "Ranetki" Natasha Shchyolkovo instantly helped the producer to forget a past love.Taught by bitter experience a couple of tries not to flaunt their intimate relationship, however, not to notice this is impossible, because 40 year old Sergei is always close to Natasha and devotes much more attention and care than the rest of "Ranetki". Source: the Producer of "Ranetki" has found a new passion.

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