Selected best cartoons of the year in Russia

Selected best cartoons of the year in RussiaIn Suzdal the XIV all-Russian festival of animated film. As the channel "Culture", the Grand Prix received the cartoon "the Soldier's song" Elena Chernova, Director of the Studio "Pilot".In the ranking of spectator sympathies "the Soldier's song", which belongs to the series "Mountain of gems", took fourth place. Defeated in a series of three cartoons "KJFG # 5, Moon Beam" shot by Alexey Alexeev."KJFG # 5, the Moon, the Log, which tells the musical trio the Hare, the Bear and the Wolf, was made Alekseev almost single-handedly and brought its author a total of three prizes."The success of this year's festival exceeded all expectations. Collected a record number of works", - said General Director of the festival Alexander Gerasimov. According to him, these were "the tape very diverse and of high quality". The jury even refused the delivery of the award "Debut" because, in his opinion, were worthy of all the films presented in this nomination."I am glad that the animators try to create a good, bright tales, which combines lyrics, poetry and humor. At the festival there were no horror films with violence and murder," he said with Gerasimov. Source: Selected best cartoons of the year in Russia.

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