Folk songs will be no more

Folk songs will be no moreDied Lyudmila Zykina. Died last Russian singer, who performed really folk songs. Now they no longer write or sing.Her image is tightly linked in our minds with songs "Orenburg downy shawl" and "the river Volga". Endless expanse of water, the white ship and a thick female voice from the loudspeaker. Each song is like a postcard of an idyllic past, a time when everyone was happy and carefree. Russian archetype, canned dream. Now that Zykina died, it became clear that these songs will be no more. Today there is no one for whom to write them.80. More than two thousand songs in the repertoire.These figures sound fantastic for those who now, in 2009, watching TV and listening to the radio. Stars lightning speed follow each other on screens, ' cause fuss, part, blaze and immediately disappear. What 80 years! Hardly remember singing a month ago.Knows how to create brands are better than people. Brand Lyudmila Zykina created time. With long years of Soviet power, which preserved the tradition, do not hurry event, created idols forever.It is clear that already in the late 1970s no people who could sing the songs from sychinskogo repertoire in its own name, did not exist in nature. But in movies and on TV screens people attended. Virtual reality stagnation was much louder than today's Internet and PR-technologies.What may not be the people, if there is an amazing folk singer Zykina with her native Russian voice? Somewhere it must be.Zykina has created the illusion of such tremendous power, so much fascinated the listener that no details could not destroy ingeniously folded myth.And songs folk don't, they are copyright. And she Zykina - a Muscovite, to rustic, authentic hemp life nothing had. And sung it all on nauseating in its hypocrisy teleconcert. Some names of programs which are: "You, woman," "You, veterans", "Only you could, Russia"...It is not important. 't matter.The townspeople in the second generation, listening to "Willow" and "Why do you, girl, beautiful love", understood: "this is Russia!". Another is simply impossible to imagine.No singing of the village grandmothers, recorded by linguists enthusiasts, cannot compete with Zykina. Authentic but inconclusive. American Negroes, too, perceive as folk music, the Blues, and not mysterious African Tom-Toms. The tradition to last in time, needs to be adapted and redesigned.This is what made Zykina. Extended folk song traditions of life. Grandmother to do so could not. Only she, the soloist of the choir Pyatnitsky, a graduate of the Gnessin Institute, a professional singer and totally urban person.Paradoxically reputation Zykina not spoil loyal songs about BAM and Virgin lands. Since BAM and Celina were phenomena on a national scale. What else is there to sing folk singer, if not about such things?The Soviet people from the Russians differed quite strongly. About the same as African Americans from Africans. No wonder the emigrants of the first wave hardly knew emigrants third. They even spoke different languages. And folklore, they were different too.Neither Vysotsky, nor Okudzhava, or even Ruslanova with Zykina in the view of the people who left immediately after 1917, folk music was not. Whatever you say, but the Soviet authorities managed to make a miracle: to create a new community of people, the Soviet people. And give this to the people of new folk music.Every people their songs. New folk music from the heyday of the popularity has changed beyond recognition. Russian rock, too, at one time was quite popular. And pop music. And chanson. Although with Russian village they do not correlate. So what? Some people, such and songs. Convincing illusions is not observed. Only reality, flat, like a curse on the fence.Judging by how today live Russia, long time we will not have second Zykina. Maybe never. Source: Folk songs will be no more.

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