Prize in mathematics awarded to a Russian geometer

Prize in mathematics awarded to a Russian geometerThe winner Obelevskoi prize in mathematics in 2009 became the Russian-French mathematician Mikhail Gromov.The Norwegian Academy of mathematical Sciences awarded the prize to Professor of the Institute of advanced scientific studies (IHES) in France to Mikhail Gromov for "revolutionary contributions to geometry".Mikhail Gromov called one of the leading mathematicians of our time, whose work will forever remain in the history of Riemannian and symplectic geometry, group theory, string theory.According Belevski the Committee, "the work of Mikhail Gromov distinguished by the depth and originality and are the source of many future mathematical discoveries." The work of Russian mathematician "completely turned geometry, showing how important it is to take into account some of the objects that are traditionally not been considered by mathematicians as a priority." The last ten years Professor Gromov engaged in research at the interface of biology (medicine) and mathematics. He is now working on a geometric model of the heart in connection with its electrophysiology. The aim of these researches is to develop diagnostics of functional disorders of the heart at an early stage.Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov was born in 1942 in the Leningrad region, graduated from the Leningrad state University, where he defended his doctoral thesis. His supervisor was the famous Soviet mathematician Vladimir Rokhlin. From 1974 to 1981 Gromov worked in the mathematical center of the State University of new York, then moved to France, where he first taught at the University of Paris VI and then, from 1982 at the Institute for advanced scientific studies (IHES). In 1993 awarded a wolf Prize in 1997 - Lobachevsky medal, in 1999 - Award of Balzan and in 2002 Kyoto Prize in basic science.Abelevsky the award was created on the initiative of the Norwegian scientific community, to fill the gap resulting from the absence of a Nobel prize in mathematics. It was first awarded in 2003 and is currently 700 000 euros.Awarding of the winner of the 2009 Mikhail Gromov will be held may 19 in Oslo. To award the prize will be king of Norway Harald V. Source: Prize in mathematics awarded to a Russian geometer.

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