Oldest photo of new York went under the hammer

Oldest photo of new York went under the hammerOne of the oldest surviving photographs of new York sold at auction Sotheby's for 62.5 thousand dollars.As reported on Monday, representatives of the auction house, black and white, made on the principle of the daguerreotype, dated 1848, ITAR-TASS reported.It depicts the estate, located on old Bloomingdale road, which later became the continuation of Broadway. Photo size 13,9 10.16 cm purchased by an unknown buyer.Daguerrotype is considered the first practical method of photography. It was invented by the French painter Daguerre in 1839. Until 1851 when he invented the collodion process photography, daguerrotype was the only way to obtain photographic images.To obtain the daguerreotype as the photographic material used silver-coated copper plate. She was subjected to a thorough polishing, then immediately before shooting was treated with iodine vapor, which resulted in a thin layer of light-sensitive silver iodide. Under the action of light in the layer having the latent image is shown by mercury vapor. Then the resulting image was fixed. It was a very difficult, extremely harmful and dangerous for human health process. Source: the Oldest photo of new York went under the hammer.

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