Madonna visited the theater in St. Petersburg

Madonna visited the theater in St. PetersburgDuring your stay in St. Petersburg, Madonna with children visited the theatre and watched the ballet of Boris Eifman's Onegin. Online.On Palace square North of the capital August 2, Madonna gave a two-hour "live" concert. And the next day the singer had the evening to fly to Tallinn, where on August 4, she scheduled another concert.Before leaving Madonna was going to Peterhof, but plans were prevented by the rain, and Madonna until almost 8 PM, I stayed in hotels. During the day she went to the gym, which is located on the first floor of the hotel, where he stopped the star of the evening, instead of heading to Tallinn, visited the Alexandrinsky theatre.The release of a pop Queen prepared thoroughly chose a wide black pants and a short leather jacket, hair tied into a tight ponytail and put her unchanging glasses, hiding almost all the face, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".The star drove to a side entrance of the theatre, from which she got a short way into the Royal Lodge. "Madonna has long wanted to see this ballet, said a person close to the stars. "They say he is very erotic and beautiful. When the troupe went on tour in America, Madonna failed to see. So she took the opportunity in Petersburg".The ballet Madonna captured the adopted son of David and eldest daughter Lourdes, as well as a helpmate and a couple of guards. The theatre was full and the audience was amazed to see a star in the Royal box guests until the lights went out.When the star came out from the box, specially for a few seconds all the lights out in the room that no one was able to take a picture of the Madonna: that was the condition of her management. And when lit, in the Royal box was empty.Apparently, ballet Madonna very much, because after the presentation she came backstage and thanked acting troupe. Source: Madonna visited the theater in St. Petersburg.

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