Secret past of Robert Pattinson

Secret past of Robert Pattinson The idol of tilateral Robert Pattinson at the time, was photographed in a slightly unusual way. It was the occasion for a short interview with Interview magazine. Most of the conversation concerned the past.In particular, Rob noticed that his very sabovic the fact that more recently, on the streets he was greeted with cries of "Look, this is Cedric Diggory" (hero of Pattinson from Harry Potter books), and now he hears a scream: "That's Edward Cullen".Said Pattinson and about the first years of his acting career when he did not live in the most prestigious area of London with his friend Tom Sturridge. According to Rob, most of the year they have done is just used to get drunk every night.However, the booze was gone, as soon as Robert Pattinson began to get roles in movies.Robert said and the work model. He did this at age 12-15 years. At that time he was high, but otherwise looked like a girl, and this texture was then in fashion.Although, looking at pictures of little Robert, his resemblance to the girl will not say. Source: the Secret past of Robert Pattinson (photo).

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